Friday, March 16, 2018

Can You Help?,...

As some of you know and many more probably don't, my boss, friend and yes, ex wife, has had some medical issues. Issues that haven't allowed her to work for 3-3 1/2 months now. While her working has stopped, life hasn't. Chris needs some help due to not working and anything you could give would be most appreciated. There is a Good Samaritan account set up at any Bank Independent under her name, Christine Schweighardt. If you cannot give via Bank Independent, if you wish to, message me and I'll get her daughters address for you and you can send it directly to her.  You can message me on facebook or send me an email to Prayers for a quick recovery are just as important,... Thank you so much in advance,....

Monday, March 5, 2018

What Socialism and Bernie Sanders Can Do For You,....

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Florence,... This & That,...

This will be one of my most random, off the wall, not making any sense blog posts I've done to date. Well I think so anyway.

Florence Alabama,... My hometown,... well kind of. I was born in Gary IN but thats just a technical issue. Florence will celebrate its 200th birthday this year, which is actually older than both of my ex wives put together. How cool is that?

I needed a picture for the blog that would grab your attention. The pic above certainly grabbed mine and I've had the privilege of seeing the Shoals Gold Record Room in person,... you should too. It has quickly become a must see place in Florence.  Keep up with them on facebook too, here is the link,.... Shoals Gold Record Room .

I had a cold a few weeks ago, nothing serious but can someone update me on the new building for the Florence-Lauderdale Animal Shelter? Are they finished with it? Have they started building it? Maybe I sneezed and missed something,... Inquiring minds and all that.

Remember the old tv station in Florence,... WOWL-TV? Dick Biddle and his commentary, Captain Jack, Earlene In Storyland,... oh and keep the owls eye burning green. And we can't forget that the newscast was one of the most entertaining things I can remember from the old station. It was about as unprofessional as you could get. But it was local. Which brings me to the next idea that popped into my mind just now,... Remember when the TimesDaily was actually readable? Yeah, me neither.
At least WOWL was entertaining even when it was awful.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Local Stores Operating Illegal Machines,...

The store, location and number of machines in parenthesis.

Fuel City, Alabama 101, Elgin (10)
Victory Fuel U.S. 72, Alabama 101, Elgin (7)
Center Star Market, U.S. 72, Killen (4)
Victory No. 2, 3504 Cloverdale Road, Florence (6)
Smile Fuels, 2200 Chisholm Road, Florence (13)
Shan's Victory, 2411 Darby Drive, Florence (11)
Hi Tec, 1451 Helton Drive, Florence (9)
Dollar Depot, 2701 Mall Road, Suite 5, Florence (8)
Chris Mart, 4203 Huntsville Road, Florence (6)
Shan's No. 2, 2207 Huntsville Road, Florence (9)
Smoke Depot, 863 Florence Blvd., Florence (6)
Store N Deli, 121 N. Cedar St., Florence (9)
Game Room, Helton Drive Access Road (8)

All of the stores listed above had illegal gaming machines in their stores. Keyword, illegal. Now, NO arrests were made. Machines were taken and are stored in a local warehouse according to law enforcement. No arrests were made. That bothers me. They must not want to go through the hassle of  contacting ICE to possibly deport some of these people. According to the local TimesFaily Read article here,... there won't be any arrests made. Well Tom Smith the senior writer penned the article so we can probably take it with a grain of salt. At any rate, no arrests on machines that apparently was grossing anywhere from $3000 to $5000 per machine per week, Amazing. So Fuel city in Elgin was making say $3000 per machine (I'll use the smaller amount) times 10 machines,... $30,000 a week to send to their families in India or where ever. That's right. Most of this money isn't spent here. These are NOT American owned stores. THIS is one reason why I try to support stores like Lil Steves when I shop convenience stores.

One of the sad things about the whole ordeal is the machines have been in operation for over 2 years. I understand having to go through the process of gathering info for confiscation, prosecution and arrests,... But according to the article, complaints just happened 45 days ago. That is hard to believe for me. I have passed by these stores and have seen Florence PD in the stores, marked cars outside. They may have been responding to a call or making a purchase but did they not see the machines and become the least bit suspicious?  I don't know,... I truly don't.

Please,... try to shop and buy American at every opportunity so we can keep American dollars not only local but in OUR country.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Coach Bryant vs Coach Saban,....

Way back when I was younger,... I mean way back. We spent Saturday afternoons listening to Alabama games on the radio with John Forney calling the games and raking those old dreaded pin oak leaves. I hated those things. Too bad we didn't have leaf blowers back then.

Bear Bryant was a living legend back then. (Late 1960's) At least to my momma who I think might have had a slight crush on him. All this before he even had so many championships.

You heard his voice and it was just one of those things, you stopped and listened. True, sometimes to figure out what he was saying but you stopped nonetheless. Alabama football was blessed to have such a man lead and guide the boys that played and gave their all for the Crimson and White. When Coach retired, I never thought it would be such a downfall. Yeah they had a few good years but only one or two that was up the Coaches standards. Alabama football went through some dark years both with losing and probations that tied the hands of coaches as they were limited in what they could do as far as recruiting. Losing scholarships didn't help and it seemed the NZAA was out to get them. This is why today when programs get a slap on the wrist for major things they do compared to what Alabama did,... it just makes blood boil and I want the NZAA shut down. But thats another story.

Fast forward to now.  The way both coaches have had to do their own things,... the way recruiting is now compared to then, practicing, assistant coaches, etc,.... one simply cannot compare the two. In order to be fair, you would have to swap them out in each others era and you just simply cannot do that. I do think Coach Saban could go back to that era and have success over Coach Bryant coming to todays football. But there again, that is just opinion.

When Coach Bryant retired I remember thinking, well this is it, we'll never relive these kind of glory days again,... so glad I was wrong. Roll Tide. 

Friday, January 26, 2018

Enjoying Your Suicide?,....

A smoking gun,... brilliant. Photo credit goes to asukawashere,.... But back to the title. Are you? Are you enjoying that cigarette while you are killing not only yourself but others around you? Hey, I get it. You like them. You do enjoy one after a good meal or when you feel stressed or when you get into your vehicle. You truly enjoy them. I know. I have been there and got the tee shirt. It is stained up from nicotine just like our lungs and it won't wash out. But our lungs can repair themselves.

I hate smoking. I truly do. Not only are you taking your life slowly,... and others,... but you stink. Yep, you do. You may not realize it. I didn't. But you stink. I realized this probably while I was quitting,... a store clerk had come inside from smoking and the stench was bad. That's when it hit me,... I used to smell like that.

Smoking is an addiction. Yeppers,... I was addicted to cigarettes, I enjoyed them and I know I'm sounding like a broken record but in order to quit and be successful you have to get to the place I got to. You have to WANT to. I've heard people say oh I quit 3-4 times while puffing on one. Sorry, nope you didn't. You may have tried, but you didn't quit. You failed. But there is still hope and time. You do have to get to the place in your mind where you want to. It is an addiction AND a habit. 

I was going to list a bunch of statistics,... but I'm not. It would probably be a waste of time and effort,... if you want to see them, GO HERE  If you want to quit, want suggestions, contact me. I'll help you do what ever it takes,... I'll be supportive, walk with you through that journey. And offer up some of the things I did that helped me quit. Going it alone is hard, having support can help. Am I qualified? Heck yeah, I know how I quit.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Facebook Funnies,... From Snowmageddon 2018,...

Okay,.... yes I'm bored. I've been snowed in the past two days with nothing to do but eat and sleep. I took a nap yesterday and didn't go to bed until midnight. All the while figuring I would be home another day. Sadly,... I was right.

I don't do a lot of the TV things but since I'm a social kind of guy, I do a lot of Facebook. With all of that said,... here are just a few of the things I found funny or just interesting from the past two days. There is so much more but these are just a sample of what came across my feed and helped make the last two days,.... bearable.