Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Five Time Champion,... Lisa Carter,...

Five times cancer has knocked on Lisa Carter's door. Five times that door has been shut. It is my hope that the door has been nailed shut.

Five times Lisa fought and never gave up. Five times she battled with a smile on her face and won. She was not without help because she had a great support group from her family and friends. Paul, her husband was there every step of the way, every time. He was her rock and strength through those times when the cancer fought hard. He was her focus as she looked cancer in the eye and said no. Cancer is evil. Cancer has taken its toll on even the survivors. But this time,... cancer lost.

There was a survivor party held in Lisa's honor yesterday. The party was kept hush hush as it was being planned and her sister in law, Jenna along with others planned an amazing celebration of a five time champion. So glad I got to go and if you have ever been in a room and just felt the love, then you know what I'm talking about. Love for Lisa was over flowing.

Here are a few photos I swiped to share an amazing day for an amazing person. Uncle Walter loves ya.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tennis Anyone?,.....

Well,.... I for one hope the city leaders will think outside the box on the new tennis complex being proposed. There are a few myths it seems floating around about the courts being built and quite a bit of misinformation.

A local newspaper article from the TimesFaily was a bit misleading in the fact that it sounded like the proposed project for the tennis complex was 9 million dollars. That isn't correct. The total project which includes theoretically building new baseball/softball fields for the ones taken by the new courts  at Veterans Park will be around the 9 million dollar range. The courts themselves will be around 3 million. The park and recreation dept says it needs those fields taken by the tennis courts. Hey I understand. I also understand building more fields at the complex on Gunwhaleford  makes more sense in the fact you'll have all of those fields both practice and playing located in one place. That just makes too much sense to me.

I have also read and heard people say "well how much is this going to cost the taxpayers?". This is where people and the city leaders need to think outside that proverbial box and ask, "What is this going to cost the city in revenue if we DON'T  build it?".

Here is a list of the city council who want to hear from you. They want your input. So let them know,...

Kaytrina P. Simmons
District 1

District 1 Telephone
(256) 760-6401

District Map  |  Email
William (Dick) JordanCouncil President/District 2
District 2 Telephone
(256) 760-6402

District Map  |  Email
David P. Bradley, Jr.District 3
District 3 Telephone
(256) 760-6403

District Map  |  Email
Michelle Rupe Eubanks
District 4
District 4 Telephone
(256) 760-6404

District Map  |  Email
Blake Edwards
District 5
District 5 Telephone
(256) 760-6405

District Map  |   Email
Andrew Betterton
District 6
District 6 Telephone
(256) 760-6406

District Map |    Email

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Some Words To Live By,....

Some people have the coolest jobs. One person in particular, my daughter Sherry, works with the elderly at a local nursing home. We can learn a lot about life in general from those that are older than us because they have lived and experienced life and many things that go hand in hand with living. The elderly or seniors as many call this group of people, know more simply because they have lived through certain situations and we can learn a lot if we listen to them. One would be wise to take their words to heart. Recently Sherry asked residents and coworkers alike to share their favorite quotes and sayings,... their words to live by, so to speak. And I get to share them,....

Sunday, May 28, 2017

To Iron Bowl or Not To Iron Bowl,... That Is The Question,...

Former Auburn coach Pat Dye had these words to say on an ESPN radio show,…

“I’d rather see Auburn in the East than us to play Alabama every year,” Dye said Tuesday for his weekly radio show on ESPN 106.7-FM in Auburn (the show airs on Wednesday).
Yes, Dye said he’d rather Auburn move to the East even if the Tigers couldn't play the Tide annually.
“We don’t need to let Alabama dictate what we do at Auburn,” he said. “We can play them on a rotation, just like everybody else.”


I hardly ever agree with anything Dye has to say since he seems to be one of Auburns biggest hemorrhoids, but his above statement I can agree with. It is time for re-alignment in the SEC and moving Auburn to the East and sending Missouri to the West is just common sense. (I still don’t think Missouri belongs in the SEC, but that might be another subject for later).

 End the Iron Bowl? Yes of course. It hasn’t been the Iron Bowl since the game left Birmingham anyway.  There were 41 years, (1907-1948) that the two teams didn’t play each other and they survived. If the annual Bama/Auburn game was to be canceled they would survive again. I would love to see it end personally and beating them for the SEC Championship would be all the more sweeter. Roll Tide!!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Memorial Day,.. One More Time,...

For the last couple of years I have tried to spread the word about the meaning of Memorial Day and the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I continue to see people on social media thanking those who serve and have served for their service. When Veterans Day comes around those same people continue to thank those who served. Nothing wrong with thanking them to be sure. We should thank them every day. I have walked up to guys wearing military caps and asked if they served,... when they say yes, I thank them. Total strangers but all have seemed appreciative. People just seem to get confused when it comes to Memorial Day. 

Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who died while serving our country in the armed forces. 

So while you are trying to save 10% on summer items, standing at the grill flipping burgers or just resting and dreading work on Tuesday, take a minute or two to remember those who made the ultimate  sacrifice so that you can confuse the two holidays. And remember their families too. 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

More Things That Happened In 1977,.....

Here are a few more things that happened in 1977. How many do you remember?,….

Not Only do Gas station attendants no longer wash your windshield or check your oil and water soon you will be expected to pump your own gas. And now we do.

Seattle Slew wins the Triple Crown for three-year-old thoroughbred horses.
The Three Races for the Triple Crown in the US are
(1) The Kentucky Derby, at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky;
(2) The Preakness Stakes, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland;
(3) The Belmont Stakes, at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.
The Queen of England "Queen Elizabeth II" celebrates 25 years as the monarch and more than one million people line the streets of London to watch the Royal Family on their way to St Paul's at the start of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebration.
Star Wars written and directed by George Lucas and released by 20th Century Fox opens in American Theaters.
The original Star Wars grossed nearly $800 million world wide and won multiple awards at the 50th Annual Academy Awards and created a cult following for future Star Wars Movies. May the force be with you.
President Carter granted a complete and unconditional pardon today to all Vietnam draft dodgers.
Elvis Presley dies at the age of 42, leaving rock and roll fans worldwide mourning his loss. Elvis was found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. The cause of death is pronounced as cardiac arrhythmia which is a form of heart attack.
The space shuttle Enterprise, sitting atop a Boeing 747, went on its maiden flight above the Mojave Desert.
Two 747 jumbo jets a KLM Boeing 747, attempting to take off, crashed into a Pan Am 747 on the runway at an airport in the Canary Islands, killing 582 passengers and crew members.
A lightening strike strikes a substation on the Hudson River, tripping two circuit breakers in Westchester County, then a second lightning strike caused the loss of two 345,000 volt transmission lines causing a 25 hour blackout of the New York City area.
In some areas of New York Looting and vandalism were widespread with the hardest hit Crown Heights.
Subway services, La Guardia and Kennedy airports are closed.
Crude oil from Alaska begins flowing south down the trans-Alaska pipeline to the ice-free port of Valdez, Alaska.
Coneheads debut on "Saturday Night Live".
Gary Gilmore is executed by firing squad in the Utah state prison, convicted of murder.
Fleetwood Mac's "Rumors" released.
1st time Jay Leno appears on Tonight Show.
Hanafi Muslims hold 130 hostages in Washington, D.C..
"Smokey & the Bandit," premieres.

Monday, May 15, 2017

SEC Football Coaches On The Hotseat,… 2017

Oh my you say,… Did you just put Nick Saban on the hotseat list? Naw, not really. But I can guarantee you if Bama has back to back mediocre seasons,.. Then yes, he would be on the hotseat list. Bama fans are not much different than any other school. Well maybe,... they are a bit more spoiled to winning, but if losing they are a fickle bunch. Run Da Bawl mean anything? Hey I speak from experience. I’m one of those fickle fans. Two mediocre seasons and Bama fans will be saying Saban needs to retire to the lake. Right now of course Coach isn’t on this list. Bama fans have been blessed beyond measure having two of the greatest coaches to ever walk the sidelines in Coach Bryant and Coach Saban. Relish these times Bama fans. It may not ever happen again,…..

 Gus Malzahn,… Auburn.  About the only way the GusBus can continue on the Plains is win. They have to win a lot and they have to beat Bama. That starts with finding a quarterback and it seems they may have found one this year. But depth at that position may not be a luxury,… again.  This could be his last year there if the program doesn't improve from last years performance. The natives are restless.

 Hugh Freeze,… Ole Miss.  The guy is probably a good coach and probably a good man. I think he has demonstrated those characteristics. But with sanctions hanging over their heads Rebels fans will find out just what kind of a football coach he is. Recruiting will fall which means the talent level with drop also. Some of their star players could even transfer as the NCAA looks like it could bring down the hammer. Time will tell.

Kevin Sumlin,… Texas A&M.  Although the Aggies continue to win 8 games a season without Johnny Football. Will that be enough to satisfy the Aggie faithful. They got a real taste of winning but have been on a diet the past couple of seasons. Feast or famine? They aren't exactly starving to death but they could put on a couple of pounds. A losing season could decide if they get a new master chef.

Butch Jones,… Tennessee.  I really liked this guy coming in. He seemed hard nose and that’s exactly what the Vols needed. After having been picked to win the SEC East,… they fell flatter than a flitter not even challenging for the top spot. But,… that isn't even the worst part. They were dubbed Champions of Life. I kid you not. They also received a ring to go with that title. That is the equivalent of a participation trophy in little league. My respect for the guy plummeted. I can only wonder how long the Vol faithful can take this kind of abuse.

The rest of the SEC head jobs should be fairly secure this season. The only coaching change I see might be Dan Mullen at Mississippi State. This would only happen if he is offered a job somewhere that he absolutely couldn't refuse.