Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Florence,… One Of The 10 Most White Trash Cities In Alabama?!?!?,… UPDATED VERSION!!

Things that make you go hmmmm,…. Well believe it of not one of the reasons wasn’t Shoalanda Speaks. This site based their findings on drug addiction, welfare receiving, violence, with possibly some alcoholism, poverty and actual payday loan outlets. How Muscle Shoals escaped being on the list amazes me.

But yet Florence came in at number five on the list. Russellville came in at the top spot. Something I bet they are just jumping for joy over.

This is what was said about our fair city,…

Population: 39,691
Estimated White trash: 10,225
Estimated meth heads: 2,934
Assaults: 7th for small cities in AL
Nothin’ says white trash like a good ‘ol ass whoopin at a Walmart. You just might see that in Florence on the first of the month.
In fact, the 256 was home to the infamous white trash Walmart fight between the woman in the jammies and the other woman in the jammies. Maybe they should fight at one of their 16 dollar stores so they won’t feel like they have to dress up.
In Lauderdale County, they ARE down with O.P.P. – other people’s pills. They are 15th in the state for drug use. And when they say they have their G.E.D., it means they “got every drug”
And they aren’t kidding about the drugs. Read the Hard Times or the arrests in the Quad Cities Daily and count the number of people arrested for “Unlawful Possession of Dangerous Drugs”, “Unlawful possession of a controlled substance” and the ever popular “unlawful possession of prescription drugs”. I would also be willing to bet most of the break ins and thefts are related to drug use. Drugs even got one of our local music icons arrested a couple of weeks ago. Seems like no one is immune.  
Here is the list of cities across our state that made or maybe in this case, didn’t make the grade.
  1. Russellville
  2. Phenix City
  3. Alabaster
  4. Gadsden
  5. Florence
  6. Decatur
  7. Dothan
  8. Albertville
  9. Jasper
  10. Athens
New version,….
  1. Russellville
  2. Phenix City
  3. Alabaster
  4. Gadsden
  5. Haleyville
  6. Decatur
  7. Dothan
  8. Albertville
  9. Jasper
  10. Cullman
This just seriously changed yesterday right after I shared it. While I know I should be glad Florence was replaced,… how in the heck did Haleyville surpass us? Is it by percentages? Possible. It surely can’t be according to total numbers because Florence is keeping the methodone clinics in high demand. Personally I wish they would close because I’ve known people that go there and they just string them along for their money. But that’s another blog for another day.
Athens got replaced by Cullman,… neither of which I care about. Russellville is a shocker. I had no clue the white population even counted down there anymore.
Sheffield too is a shocker. For not being on the list. I thought this poll went by crime and drugs,… guess I was wrong.
Incidentally,.. The comment about Florence and Haleyville are basically the same. 

Source,…. https://www.roadsnacks.net/white-trash-cities-in-alabama/

Monday, August 14, 2017

Official Statement from UNA Regarding “Jane Doe” Lawsuit,....

The University of North Alabama is committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment for all students. The University has a professional and well-trained staff that addresses claims of sexual misconduct with the utmost seriousness.  Students impacted by sexual misconduct are provided strong resources and excellent support.
A lawsuit was filed last week against the University. The lawsuit alleges sexual assault of a student by a former faculty member and claims that the University did not respond appropriately. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
Upon notice of the alleged misconduct, the University reached out to the student and conducted an investigation. The University concluded that, in the fall of 2015 the faculty member had violated University policy regarding faculty/student relationships. As a result, the faculty member was removed from the classroom and ordered to stay away from campus and to avoid contact with students.  The faculty member is no longer employed by the University. 
The University responded quickly and professionally throughout this process, complying with all applicable policies and laws.  The matter was investigated thoroughly and the University acted decisively to protect our students while also protecting the student’s right to privacy.
The University offers a fair, informed and compliant process that supports any student who experiences sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or any other form of sex or gender discrimination. 
The University is proud of its record in promoting campus safety and will defend its good name vigorously in this litigation.  Officials will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the integrity of the excellent programs that foster the security and well-being of all University of North Alabama students. 
For more information about how the University is committed to student safety, please refer to:
Sexual Assault Resources
Reporting Options
UNA’s Policy and Procedures: Equal Opportunity, Harassment and Nondiscrimination
Bystander Intervention and Prevention Education
Understanding Title IX
Immediately After an Assault; What Should I do Now?
A Guide for Victims of Sexual Assault
Supporting a Survivor
Crisis / Emergency Information Helplines
UNA Police Homepage and Contact Information


You know? You just don’t go around pointing fingers. Because for that one you have pointing out, you have three more pointing back at you. Several people have made statements on social media that the university failed in hiring practices. Maybe so. It’s all hear say at this point. But that doesn't warrant attacks on the administration as a whole. If indeed the rape happened, the person that hired the professor failed. And as of right now, the public is forming opinions of something the victim said.  Don’t forget, the lawsuit isn't about the alleged rape, it is about the cover up. The lawsuit also states that the university didn't report the rape,… well if it had been me that was raped, I would have notified campus police or the police where it supposedly happened. Why didn't Jane Doe do that? Reporting the rape should be up to the victim.

How about we let it go through the legal process and quit being judge, jury and hangman.

Title IX is taken seriously at the university As is this matter. People need to quit placing blame when they do not know what they are talking about. As for me,… I support the university, the administration, board, trustees and everyone associated with UNA. It’s the wannabe writers, bloggers and busybodies I have a problem with. Let the truth come out, whatever it may be before throwing those stones.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Florence Is Nasty!! Just Nasty!!

Trash in the parking lot with a garbage can in plain view,... laziness at it's finest. Probably done by one of those fine upstanding citizens that park in the fire lanes at Seven Points Shopping Center.
Below are some photos within a 5 block area. Are people really this lazy to not keep a shopping bag in their vehicle for trash? Are they really this lazy to take it with them and dispose of it properly when they get home or wherever they are going? Come on people. We are better than this!! Aren't we? Or do we just not care about or streets and towns and how they look to anyone who might be visiting? I think it goes beyond being lazy. I think it is people not giving a rats behind about much of anything. Take your trash with you. Put it in a can. This just grates on my last nerve. Want to know the sad thing? The people that need to see this probably won't.

Friday, August 11, 2017

2017 SEC Predictions,...

The 2017 football season is upon us. I know it's hard to believe but in 20 days the season will be kicking off (pun intended) for several college and high school teams.

The SEC always offers up the best football and college sports in general in my humble opinion. This year should be no different. There could possibly be a coaching change or two at seasons end. I'm thinking the Vols might be one team along with Arky and maybe Mississippi St. However if MSU loses their coach it won't be because he is fired. His credentials are good and Dan Mullen could leave for an increased salary.

I'm going to do this a little different this year. I'm ranking teams in order of finish in the conference and making a prediction on their over all season. Good luck to your team this year and as always,... Roll Tide!!

East Division

Georgia         7-1 SEC  11-1 overall
Florida          5-3 SEC   8-4  overall
Tennessee      4-4 SEC   7-5 overall
South Carolina  4-4 SEC  7-5 overall
Kentucky        3-5 SEC   6-6 overall
Vandy              1-7 SEC   5-7 overall
Missouri          0-8 SEC   3-9 overall

West Division

Alabama           8-0 SEC   12-0 overall
Auburn              6-2 SEC     9-3 overall
Texas A&M       5-3 SEC     8-4 overall
Mississippi St     5-3 SEC     8-4 overall
LSU                     4-4 SEC     8-4 overall
Ole Miss              4-4 SEC     8-4 overall
Arkansas              2-6 SEC     5-7 overall

2017 SEC Champs       Alabama over Georgia

Thursday, August 3, 2017

HOW A $2 MILLION DOLLAR PROJECT MORPHS INTO A $13 MILLION PROJECT (another reason people don’t trust the government),…..

Below are the thoughts of the person that I felt was the best choice to lead Florence AL as its mayor. I still feel that way and I still think the citizens of Florence are the biggest losers because she isn't leading. For some reason things just cannot seem to get done in our city. Have you been to the new animal shelter yet?
I personally hope that Susan Goode runs again,...

"My focus has been, and continues to be, the development of a hard court tennis facility that is large enough to host tournaments for junior, collegiate, and adults to create a significant economic impact for the City of Florence. The tennis court construction cost of 31 hard courts is around $2 million. $1 million is the cost of infrastructure to the park, which is necessary if we ever want to utilize this park for anything. Add a common use clubhouse, and upgrades to the Veterans Memorial and the Veterans Park entrance at a cost of $3.46 million. At this point we are at $6.46 million for the plan that the ad-hoc committee presented to the Council. Now come the extras: Todd Nix says this development cannot proceed without adding another $3.5 million to the existing $20 million Sportsplex to replace three dirt practice fields at Veterans Park with four tournament quality fields at the Sportsplex. David Bradley and Blake Edwards stated they could not vote for the project without including a total re-development of Veterans Park now, so lets add another $3-$4 million to the total bill...... and what we have is a capital project that is completely out of control at $13 million.
This is what happens when you lose sight of your original objective. The plan was to spend $4-5 million at Veterans Park for a project that would enhance the park, create a significant economic impact for Florence, and do so with a facility that has maintenance costs which are a fraction of what is being spent on Blackberry and the Sportsplex. If we will stay focused on a tennis project, we have $2 million in the bank from RSA and indications from UNA and Florence City Schools that total another $1.3 million toward the cost and maintenance. This size budget, along with the financial support from our partners, would be methodical, responsible, and justifiable.
What I cannot understand is why Bradley and Edwards would request for full development now, get what they asked for (which added $3 million to $4 million to the cost), then chose to not approve the plan or funding mechanism.
Lets stay focused and go back to the original plan!"
Susan Goode

Friday, July 28, 2017

Garbage In Downtown Florence,....

I hope that the city clears this matter up and quickly. The above photo shows a couch, a mattress and general junk outside of a dumpster in downtown Florence. Folks, this is what visitors to the city see during one of the busiest weeks in the city, HandyFest. This surely does not cast a good image of Florence. This has to be addressed and corrected. Here is one of the business owners, Clint Wilkes, rant this morning about the above photo.

"It's a rainy, dreary day. Might as well go full blown rant. What you are seeing here is garbage around the dumpster that serves the block. This is not a new problem. Normally, after a bit of grumbling I load everything up and carry it off. I have done that for years. But it has gotten out of hand. I understand the people living in the downtown apartments expect to have "curbside pickup" like the residential neighborhoods do, but the fact is.......I am the curbside pickup. I put a sign up asking people not to do this. That was torn down pretty quick. I talked to city employees about getting something done, but was told there wasn't anything that could be done. That was confusing to me, seeing as how I missed cutting grass at one my rental houses one week (one week) and I received a call demanding that I get the grass cut. Go figure. They had received a "complaint"......... I digress. This mess has been there for over a month now. This was my line in the dirt. I have refused to touch this mess. But, it is embarrassing. Especially during Handy Week...... So facebook friends you were effective in helping me out with my recycling, what would you do? Let it keep piling up or say the heck with it and load it up and haul it off?"

"I am paying for the dumpster. I am not paying for them to come by and pick mess like this up. My understanding is they have a truck that does come out, but it only has one man on it. Confusing to me, seeing as how I am "one man", but hey, that's the way it is..........Wanta guess how many times a week I see that truck go through the alley????"


Tax dollars at work for sure,... The city can do better,... as a matter of fact I have a simple solution. Remember my blog about some of the most useless things in Florence? http://obscorner.blogspot.com/2017/07/some-of-most-useless-things-in-florence.html
I mentioned the street sweeper truck as being one of those. Well,... take that driver and put him on the truck that empties the dumpsters and when they have the type of situations like the photo above,... get out and put it in the dumpster and empty it a second time if they have to. Those type of situations can and will become breeding grounds for mice and rats. It has to be cleaned up. Good luck Clint,... 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Day Ole Miss Froze,...

First,... I have always liked the Ole Miss Rebels. Being a Bama fan that might seem odd to some, but it is what it is. They have always seemed to have decent leadership on the field as well as behind the scenes. Athletic director Ross Bjork displayed that type of leadership this past week with head coach Hugh Freeze. What surfaced as an indiscretion on Coach Freezes part either for his self or for a player or recruit, the AD had no other choice but to offer Freeze a choice,... either resign or be fired, for violating the morals clause of his contract. Which resulted in no buy out for the school.

Coach Freeze sold his faith to recruits and their families in their living rooms. Some will now de-commit from the Rebel program and if/when NCAA violations are enforced on the  program there could be more to leave. The program seems to be backing up at a time when you cannot afford to lose valuable ground on your in state rival and the entire SEC. It took Bama 10 years plus to recover from violations and various coaching changes.

Yes,... I cannot imagine how the Rebel fan base and alumni dealt with the news of Freeze resigning. I can imagine them being frozen to the internet news, sports news outlets, radio and ESPN alike. But hey,... Ive been there, done that and have a t-shirt or two,... Good luck Rebel fans on the upcoming season,... except one game of course,.... Roll Tide!!

Here are a few names being mentioned as a replacement probably at the end of the season,..... A couple of them I would shy way away from.

Chad Morris, SMU head coach
Derek Dooley, Dallas Cowboys wide receivers coach / former Tennessee head coach
Blake Anderson, Arkansas State head coach
Les Miles, former LSU head coach
Mike Norvell, Memphis head coach
Chip Kelly former Notre Dame coach
Lane Kiffin  Florida Atlantic coach
Bobby Petrino Louisville coach