Sunday, June 19, 2011

Muscle Shoals Schools,… Fail

The MSC school system will now allow students to bring cell phones into the classrooms. Lauderdale County schools have been allowing this for about two years now I believe. You fail too Lauderdale.
Back in my day, when teachers actually cared and taught school, we couldn’t even use a calculator in math class. Now, in our highly technical society, students can bring cell phones to class. As MSHS principal H.L. Noah states in the TimesFaily,  “They can be used as a teaching tool,” Noah said. “Kids have access to the Internet, and there could be occasions where the classroom teachers will have them access the Internet with their phones. It’s a technological age, and kids are on top of it. Our schools and faculties have to be, too.” A teaching tool you say? What a cop out. Ok, say you have 30 students in class and you want to teach via the net, 20 students have internet access on their phones. 10 do not. That is like trying to teach a class where 10 students do not have a book.
It also allows more distractions in class when not using the phone to access the net. Remember writing notes in class only to have the teacher spot it and read it out loud? Trust me, it can be embarrassing. But now since students can bring phones to class, texting will be prominent. Lauderdale County Superintendent Billy Valentine stated,… “It’s worked out for us,”  “It’s not perfect, but cellphones have become a non-issue with us. It was a good change. Our faculty is fine with it, and it’s just ludicrous to think you can stand up in front of 1,000 kids and say, ‘don’t bring a cellphone,’ especially when parents are telling them to bring them.” Another cop out by a local school system. So in other words, since the schools cannot police a rule, they give in? Yep apparently so.
Noah also states,… “Our biggest problem with cellphones was parents calling and texting their kids and getting them in trouble,” Noah said. “I understand both sides — the parents need to stay in touch and the kids, well, they’re gonna use cellphones constantly. It’s the age we’re in. We really needed to relax that policy.” Ah, so we get to the crust of the problem. The parents. They call and text their kids at school? Knowing they should be studying or paying attention in class, yet they interrupt their kid at school? Really? Are these the same parents that blame the schools for not raising their kids right? Probably. No wonder teachers no longer can teach, no longer can discipline.
And one more cop out by Mr. Noah, “The bottom line is that technology is such a vital part of these kids’ lives, it’s pointless to try to keep them from using it,” Noah said. “The constant use of technology is as natural to them as breathing. We just have to adjust.” Yes true, technology is vital, but it is pointless to make rules and then give in to the student or parent. So you have to adjust and cop out,… ok, now I understand.


  1. I sure 'nuff agree that the schools are failing. I somehow think getting rid of the cell phones won't help near enough.

  2. In church, movies, business meetings, court hearings,work training classes; you are to cut off your phone, but cell phones in classroom? With parents calling? Yeah, that should really work out well.