Saturday, August 13, 2011

Football Season Is Closer……

With a long, hot summer winding down, I think most of us look forward to cooler temps with some lower humidity as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer and the hotness of it. These old bones don’t seem to do well in the cold. But seasons change and we have to accept that.

With the season change coming up, it always brings my mind to football. Scrimmages are now taking place. The NFL preseason has kicked into gear, with Julio Jones having a great night, 2 catches for 43 yards and a reverse for another 12. That’s 3 touches for 55 yards. Mark Ingram also had a good debut with the Saints. Scoring a TD with 6 carries for 23 yards. I’m not much of an NFL fan, but I’ll be watching these Bama boys.

Football in Alabama is right up there with religion. We live in the Bible belt, but we also live football 365 days a year. Well Alabama fans do anyway. I know I do. The anticipation of spring practice, the A-Day game, fall practice and then finally the first game, causes butterflies for me. I’m not one of those wishy-washy, bandwagon fans. You know the type. When their team is winning, they wear their teams colors and/or get new car tags, magnets, etc. When their team is losing, those items seem to be put in a closet. Not me, I wear and display them no matter what.

My mind seems to be rambling this morning and that brings me to this idea that some people have. The idea that if you didn’t go to school at a college, you cannot be a fan. I have had two auburn alumni tell me this. And it was also suggested on the TimesDaily forum, that if I didn’t go to school at Alabama, I cannot be a fan of the Tide. I’m thinking the guy that suggested it on the forum is an idiot anyway. But with that kind of thinking, then one cannot be a fan of the New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Lakers or the Kansas City Chiefs because you don’t live or are from those cities. One would think college graduates would be smarter than that wouldn’t you?

21 days until Bama kicks off the 2011 season with Kent State. 21 days and counting. Roll Tide Roll!!

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