Monday, August 29, 2011

There Comes A Rumble,…..

In the Deep South, the ground begins to vibrate. The Thundering Herd. Leaves on the trees begin to fall.  Bottles on counters begin to clink together. Traffic lights on city streets flash yellow. The Thundering Herd. The clouds begin to build in the sky, darker and darker. A flash of lightning. Birds fly at the vibrating of the ground as the deer, foxes and other wild animals seek shelter. Squirrels hide in their nests. All in anticipation of what is happening. The Thundering Herd. The rumble gets louder. It is like thunder in a spring storm. You can feel it. It is building and it shakes your entire soul. The Thundering Herb is the Alabama Crimson Tide…….. THIS IS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!

Roll Tide Roll!

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