Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sweetwater,… As It Should Be Presented,…

Finally, someone not associated with the grand old home makes some sense. Mr. Frank Chaney’s letter in the TimesFailys Readers View section is his opinion of the how the old mansion is being portrayed. It is being sold to the public as a spook house and is losing all of its historical value. With the leadership of the directors in place, the property has become a joke. Thank you Mr. Chaney for your letter to the local newspaper. Actually, I’m surprised they published it. What wasn’t published or talked about was Cynthia Johnson, the director believing that werewolves were on the property. Imagine that. Here is his thoughts,… Historical not Haunted.

‘Historical’ not ‘haunted’

I would like to comment on the article “Ghost hunters tell Sweetwater tales.” A statement was said in this article about the former curator who lived in the Sweetwater mansion before she died. Her name was Lettie Region and she was a pistol-packing lady who didn’t allow anyone to come near the old mansion unless they had special permission.

Ms. Lettie was not scared of anything, and that includes a so-called ghost. She only stayed in one of the front rooms and that was because she had a window unit to keep her cool in the hot summers and heaters to keep her warm in the winters, and it was not because she was scared.

Ms. Lettie was a great friend to my wife and I, and we would sit tirelessly listening to tales of strange happenings that went on at the old mansion. I personally do not believe anyone can remain here after they have died. That is against what the Bible teaches.

In my personal opinion, promote it like it should be, “historical” not “haunted.”

Frank Chaney



  1. And the historical house still suffers.

  2. Great blog, OB. As for the Halloween article, I realize Bernie Delinski simply wished for a holiday piece and didn't want to do any investigative journalism, but I can't understand why he or anyone at Sweetwater let Robert Simone get by with saying the home was sold in 1913 to someone outside the Patton/Weeden family. The once grand home has become a laughing stock...and so it will remain unless someone with money and common sense purchases it.

  3. Very true. And they label you and I as a hate group Shoalanda... In essence, it is the other way around. They are destroying the property/history and several in the public are blinded by it.