Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Auburn Fans,….

Last year I proudly displayed a few pictures dealing with the BCS Championship game. All of them were in support of the Oregon Ducks as they played an SEC team. Normally, I support the SEC. If LSU beats Alabama today, I hope they go all the way and win it all.
Last winter, I saw a few auburn snowmen that were built. I wanted to run over them. No, I’m not like Harvey Updike, but I do detest all things orange and blue, pertaining to auburn. If you read my blog, you’ll notice I don’t capitalize the schools name. And to most of the auburn fans I know in person or online, I mean no disrespect to you. Shoalanda, Rosedale Gardens, Sherry, Doyle, Mark & Melody and Joyce all are on the darkside. But that’s ok. As a cousin of mine Brent said once, “Somebody has to be for them”. I respect your right to *ugh* be an aubbie.
With all of that said, some barners are just whacked in the head. I saw a picture on facebook yesterday that went beyond, well, I’ll refrain from saying what I really feel. But at the bottom of the picture are the words, “This is why you have no right,….. to complain about this”. This is one of the things that makes college football so great. The sparring and little jabs and pot shots rivals take at each other. auburn in my book is still Alabamas biggest rival. Therefore, I have no reason to want them to win. Not even if it were to help Bama win the SEC West. (Secretly I might, but I’d never admit it out loud).
As for the picture,… I’m not complaining that the auburn fans want LSU to win. We don’t need your support. But go ahead, and root for the team that just beat the whale snot out of you. What was that score again? Something like 45-10?

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  1. Your blog is the first time I've seen this, not even on all the Auburn forums on FB. We must run around in different crowds. Mary