Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 and What It Brings,…

Hopefully, change. Not your presidents kind of change, about 43 cents worth of it in my pocket, but real change. Change in the Whitehouse and Congress. Neither are doing their job unless you count trips to Hawaii and golf and basketball outings as doing something. Our Congress has been one of the most do nothing Congress’ in the history of our great nation. And it is both parties. Not just the Democrats but the Republicans too. Government shut downs loomed last year and both parties were to blame. Personally I’m neither party as I try to vote for the best one representing my agenda,… but my pickings are getting slimmer and slimmer.

Iraqi war veterans are returning home. Where are the parades, the public thank you signs for the vets placing their lives on the line for us for American freedom? I’ll take this time to thank the men and women who served in Iraq, who did without the comforts of home, wiped sand out of their eyes so you and I could complain about long lines at check outs. Now, bring home the Afghan warriors… as there is no longer a reason to be there. Terrorism will never be wiped out in our lifetime or or grandchildren's lifetime. Bring them home and lets secure our own borders and forget the political correctness before we destroy ourselves. If this won’t work, send the ACLU and other bleeding heart groups to Afghanistan and let them fight… we’d lose that war for sure.

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