Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alabama National Championships 14 Not 9

First, congratulations to the Alabama Crimson Tide for a dominating game against the LSU Tigers, for yet another national championship. Alabama approached the game in a very business like manner and once the game started, performed like a skilled butcher, carving up the Tigers like a hunk of meat. The Honey Badger was nothing more than a Honey Bun and the play calling from the sidelines made one wonder how LSU actually won the SEC.
Just like in 2009, ESPN flashed a graphic stating the wrong number of national championships won by Alabama. ESPN says Bama has 9. Alabama claims 14 now. ESPN, just like the Rose Bowl in the 20’s has some kind of hatred for Alabama football. Back in the 20’s, the Rose Bowl hated the dominance of Alabama football in their bowl and it wasn’t until 75 years later that Bama would play in Pasadena. Lets look at those championships.
1925 Alabama defeated Washington 20-19 in the Rose Bowl and was selected national champions by Football Annual, Billingley and Helms Athletic Foundation. Season record 10-0
1926  Alabama tied Stanford 7-7 again in the Rose and was selected national champions by Billingley and Helms Athletic Foundation. Season record 9-0-1
1930 Alabama defeated Washington St 24-0 in the Rose and tied with Notre Dame for national champions selected by the Davis poll. Season record 10-0
1934 Alabama defeated Stanford 29-13 again in the Rose and its final game there until 2009. The Rose committee just didn’t like Southern dominance. Alabama was recognized by Donkel, Houlgate, Williamson and Football Thesaurus as national champions. Season record 10-0
1941 After going 8-2 in the regular season, Alabama finished #20 and was selected to play Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl. Bama won 29-21 and was selected by Houlgate as national champions. Bama did not win the conference, sound familiar?
1961 Bama defeated Arkansas 10-3 in the Sugar Bowl to finish 11-0. Alabama was selected national champions by the AP and Coaches Poll. The defense only allowed 25 points all year prior to the Bowl game.
1964 Alabama lost to Texas in the Orange Bowl 21-17 ending up 10-1 on the season. The 1964 Alabama football team was selected national champions by the AP Poll and the Coaches' Poll prior to bowl games. Because of the controversy with Alabama being selected over undefeated Arkansas, the AP Poll decided to wait until after the bowl games to select their champion for the 1965 season.
1965 Alabama beat Nebraska 39-28 in the Orange Bowl. The Tide ended 9-1-1 for the season losing to Georgia and tying with Tennessee. After the bowl game Alabama was selected national champions by the AP Poll.
1973 Another wacky season in the polls but a championship nonetheless. Alabama was defeated by Notre Dame 24-23 in the Sugar Bowl. The 1973 Alabama football team was selected national champions in the final regular season Coaches' Poll, which was finalized prior to the post-season bowl games. Because of the controversy after the bowl loss, the Coaches' Poll began selecting their champion after the bowl games starting in 1974. The post-bowl game AP poll ranked Alabama 4th, and selected Notre Dame as its national champion.
1978 After a regular season loss to Southern Cal, Alabama rebounded and ended up number 2 and was invited to play Penn St in the Sugar Bowl. Bama won 14-7 and was selected by the AP Poll as national champions.
1979 The Tide played Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl, defeating the Hogs 24-9 and being selected as national champs by the AP and Coaches Polls.
1992 Ending up at number two in the regular season polls Bama was set to play a high powered Miami team. Bama won 34-13 and was selected by the AP and Coaches Polls.
2009 A return to where it all started for Alabama, the Rose Bowl. Bama beat a highly favored Texas team 37-21 and was selected as national champions by the BCS and AP Poll.
2011 Again, with the media not giving Alabama much of a chance and even saying the Tide didn’t belong there, Alabama beat an LSU team that apparently spent more time searching Tide players mommas names than watching game film. A 21-NOTHING win by the Tide and they won their 14th national title as per the BCS and AP Poll.
That’s 14 National Championships. Yes some were kind of strange in how they happened. But the end result was Alabama was awarded those championships. They didn’t just draw them up out of thin air. For what its worth, Alabama should have another. 1966 when Michigan St and Notre Dame tied and Bama was undefeated.

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