Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OB’s Corner Threatened ,….

Well, no, not the blog, but the writer. Personally. Yep, it is true, I must have arrived in the big time. I have pissed some one off. Yippee.
My blog on the rapist at Sweetwater functions has been received with open arms on one hand and people plotting my demise on the other. It seems I touched some nerves on the previous blog,… and I’m proud to say that a lot of people have seen the light so to speak on the goings on at the old mansion. The place is a farce, the activities to have the house restored have proven nothing. There is no restoration going on. And it is sad. Sad that people have been mislead to think that their going to the various functions are helping preserve the mansion. They are not helping. Many have finally seen the light. Parents were outraged by the recent blog I posted. Outraged, because I posted a picture of a convicted rapist with their children. Only to learn that the same picture is on the artists own site. The artist that married the rapist, brought him to Sweetwater near the children. And Sweetwater didn’t even bother to do a background check. Shame on you.
But, that does not surprise me in the least. The people that run Sweetwater continue to spew their own brand of hate. I at least post information that is factual and true, to the best of my knowledge. Here is an excerpt of a new blog just formed today,… in reference to my blog post about the rapist. I won’t divulge the web address here because I don’t want it to get “hits” but I will share what they said about me,….
“A red truck passes Monet's house daily.  What a coincidence that OB just happens to own a red truck exactly like it!” People that know me personally, know I don’t have a red truck. Wish I did, because it would have a white “A” on the tailgate.
“OB has been known to show up at the door of  another person Debra dislikes and saying to her, "Are you scared yet?"” You guys really must not know OB…. if you did you’d know I didn’t drive a red truck. That other person by the way is Phyllis White, aka Monet.
“OB needs to be more careful.  If the persons he describes are a dangerous and violent as he claims, he might want to watch his back in a dark alley. Maybe he's just a little annoyed that Monet now has a bodyguard.” I take this as a personal threat. I will be talking to Chris Connolly.
“OB's Corner is a blog by a member of a hate group called "The Black Sheep"” I am a member of the black sheep forum. A forum that branched off of the TimesFaily forum. I have enjoyed fellowship and food with these people and no goats or cats were slain in the process.
“So, in a nutshell, articles by OB are bases on the Black Sheep's hatred and their leader's vindetta against author, Monet.” Ummm, no. My blogs with Sweetwater have to do with the injustice of the ownership and the directors handling of Sweetwater. Phyllis White, aka Monet I don’t hate. To hate someone, you would have to loved that person. I don’t know her so I can’t hate her. By the way, vindetta is spelled vendetta.
 I won’t comment on the others, but this is the type of rumors that Dot Bowers and Phyllis White from Sweetwater Mansion spew about me and others. I really do hate to see the shape the old mansion is in but with the leadership there, the old house may as well crumble to dust. These are some sick, twisted people.

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  1. If i were you, i'd take that as a serious threat coming from a violent sex offender. Rape i do believe is considered a violent crime, not to mention the knife; that makes it considerably worse. While not explicitly considered a violent crime, I can see how it could quickly become one and that is robbery, stealing, thieving around....As we know, this guy was also indicted in 1991 for a couple of theft charges along with rape; charges that were serious enough for the Colbert County Grand Jury to issue an indictment. JMHO