Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Picture Spoke To Me,…

Pictures come and go. Some pictures just reach out and grab you. I’m thinking of award winning photos like you would see on Time magazine. I look at peoples photos all the time on facebook and various sites and while they are good, I can’t remember one grasping my attention like this one.

NYC (640 x 476)

This picture was taken Saturday at the 9-11 Memorial site in New York City. I first noticed the shamrocks on the roses but after really looking at it I saw something different. The red, white and blue rose represents three things. The red rose represents love. The love from whoever placed the roses here for someone killed in the 9-11 attack. The white rose usually represents purity and innocence. But it can represent reverence, in which I think it applies in this case. The blue rose represents the unattainable or the impossible. Yes, it is impossible to bring back the lives lost. It is also impossible to feel the pain that family members encountered that day and days since. Together the roses obviously represent our great country. This picture just mesmerized me to the point I couldn’t quit looking at it. Love and reverence from someone who hasn’t forgotten our generations Pearl Harbor. Thank you Neoshia May for letting me borrow your photo. And for taking it.

nyc1 (640 x 427)

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