Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Trip To WalMart,….

Yeah I went to Walmart. No I didn’t buy anything. So there.
Apparently Publix has them worried. The cola area looks a lot like what you would see at a Publix. Things that make you go hmmmm.
I wanted to take some photos of the people I saw there. Man, some freaky looking people go there. I think they were all from the hills of Kentucky as many looked inbred. Scary looking folks. Even scarier than me! But I wasn’t brave enough to take a pic, well except for one. Mainly because someone on my facebook page got kicked out of a Walmart in Arizona for taking pictures. She would send them to PeopleofWalmart and Walmart kind of frowns on that. But anyway I did take one. The girl was Hispanic and in front of us at the checkout. She had two children, a baby and a toddler. She spoke no English but yet somehow had WIC. She was buying 5 gallons of milk, 4 of those gallons are visible in the photo with one being bagged already, 4 boxes of cereal and numerous other items, all WIC items. She had 6 or 7 vouchers she filled out while in line. wmtrip
I don’t blame the girl at all. It isn’t her fault our government gives all of this away whether they are legal or not. And it just isn’t Hispanics who take advantage of our system. Just yesterday I talked to a guy, white guy by the way, who gets a check from Winter Haven Apts for living there. You heard it right, they cut him a $100 check each month. That is just amazing to me.


  1. Some questons for you: In what situation is WIC (women, infants & children) appropriate? For that matter, when is any government assistance appropriate? It's very easy to judge people, but I find it harder to come up with solutions. How do you know she didn't know how to speak english? Did you realize that this woman is actually Puerto Rican? That means she is a citizen. Finally, if you didn't buy anything, why were you in the check out line? Your friend bought something?

  2. She couldn't talk to the cashier. And she spoke to her oldest in Spanish. Judging, yes judging from not being able to carry a conversation with the cashier, she couldn't speak English. You know, it's not hard to figure out if someone can speak English.
    It gripes me to no end that IF, notice I said if, she isn't legal and getting assistance, I blame our government for allowing it. And yes I was with someone. All I did was put the bags in the buggy.

    1. And for what its worth, I'm not on disability. The way these old joints are cracking I might be later lol.

  3. But I heard from a very reliable source that you actually are on disability! Of course this reliable source also says that you and I are the same person, you drive four different colored trucks, you look in women's windows, etc..... so.....I might take hearing that you're on disability with a grain of salt. By the way...what's wrong with being disabled if you truly are???

    Did you hear that DJ worked as a rocket scientist at NASA??? Her terrible grammer, spelling and puncuation probably got her fired.

  4. I hadn't heard that of her. No wonder a shuttle exploded as did Sweetwater. Bad comparison, I know. But as you know and I've stated several times, I'm not, will not and just ain't gonna be politically correct.
    And nothing wrong with being on disability if you need it. What they are saying is I am and still working. And they got the info from a family member. Don't know what family member they talked to but I have a pretty good idea.

  5. They seem to believe anything anyone tells them as long as it suits their purpose. They have named four different people as being me.

    DrDJ? Of course, she has a doctorate, didn't you know. She paid for it with her hard earned money selling mattresses. No, I'm not "making fun," but many people worked hard for whatever degrees they have. A degree whether bachelors, masters, or doctorate, should mean something.

  6. Hey! I heard Debra Glass writes this blog now...

  7. She writes books. I write this blog. Those people are for lack of a better term,... idiots. Most of the posters on the blog of theirs is the same person. Talking to ones self is kind of crazy, which explains a lot. Man howdy,... lol,... I just laugh at them.