Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Shoals Eyesores,……

I got this idea from the Shoalanda Speaks blog as they list some eyesores around the Shoals area and Russellville. The Regal Inn in Sheffield along with the Shady Court and the WVNA sign as you approach the O’Neil Bridge are certainly fitting of the name, eyesores.

I have a few of my own to add to the list. Several homes around the Braly Stadium area are deserving of the title also. When Florence hosts the Division 2 Championship game, many fans of each team are visiting the Shoals area for the first time.  My guess is the houses close to the stadium don’t make a favorable impression on the out of towners. One house in particular has a fenced in area where they store scrap metal and various items. Not too eye appealing. Florence used to have laws that homeowners had to abide by with the upkeep of their yards. Just ask Elizabeth Romine.

Another apparent eyesore or eyesores are the junk yards on Hwy 72 West as you enter Florence. A high traffic area that brings in many visitors to our city. The England Brothers have two such junk yards side by side. One is closed and in need of demolition while the other is open and in need of the same.


Further west on Hwy 72, although not viewable from the highway is Sweetwater or the old Weeden place. Hidden by trees and vegetation this once illustrious mansion is akin to the junk yards. In need of demolition. The new owner, Susan Smithson, sadly has not done anything to the broken down structure.

Still yet further west on Hwy 72 is the old Kmart building. Sitting behind Lauderdale Lanes, it has become yet another eyesore for the city. Rumor has it that a Walmart grocery will either tear it down or renovate the building. If Walmart grocery does indeed occupy that area, it will still be an eyesore. 


  1. While on Sweetwater, check out the house across from the old mill. It looks like some one ran into it and knocked it off of it's foundation and the front porch is collasped. I saw children in the yard next to it. It's a danger to them.

  2. "Restoration" costs money; a little clean up just costs some hard work and sweat. This photo was taken in April 2011. You have to wonder why anyone would have allowed visitors to see such a shambles when it would have cost nothing to present a neat back garden.