Monday, August 27, 2012

City Elections Are Tuesday, August 28,…..


Is there a 'right' to vote? Or should we take a different view and argue that it is a 'privilege' to vote? Let's see. If voting is a 'right', especially if you call it a 'civil right' then by definition it can not be taken away. Rights can not be lost, for then they would not be 'rights'. Privileges can be lost (ask any teenager!), but not rights. Also, 'rights' belong to everyone equally, so if you have any rules about voting, it can not be a 'right'. Our country has a minimum voting age. Well, underage people can not vote, voting can not be legally considered a 'right'. It is a privilege.

You could also call it a responsibility. Voters are responsible for elected officials from the city/county/state levels all the way to the White House. If you don’t vote, you don’t have the right to complain. If you do vote, then you have the privilege to complain.


I found a nice endorsement for Mickey Haddock, on facebook.

Mickey has seen our city through many decades of change: as a football official he has traveled & seen most every college town change over the past 2 decades - what those cities & towns have done right, what hasn't worked as well... & and he can bring that insight to OUR city. He & his staff have provided customer service to the citizens of Florence on a daily basis, for 20 years. His mediation skills are keen and his "bed-side-manner" makes him the best person to get the city council, city department heads, and city employees all working together because his job has required that he be a listener, not an order giver.
Mickey is very much planner. He started his plans to run for Mayor over five years ago and those plans included the cities growth & development. All plans start out as ideas & once the idea is vetted typically a diagram or list of steps with timing & resources that are needed to achieve the outcome are put in writing. Mickey has actually begun his plans & has shared some of them at the various debates and speaking engagements.
For example, during the UNA debate, Mickey was the 1st candidate to publicly endorse an entertainment district, siting he felt we should highlight our city's musical heritage ~ the idea was shot down by one of his opponents in his closing asking where Mickey would get the money? From the beginning Mickey has shared his vision for jobs, community, education, and opportunity and now others have adopted his platform? And why wouldn't they, his ideas are great ones.
Did you know Mickey has taken in and dispersed over 150 million dollars while license commissioner. He is audited every year and has NEVER been sited or fined as he and his staff have accounted for every dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, and penny of our money. Additionally his department has NEVER BEEN OVER BUDGET! Even with budget cuts he has managed to work within the budget he is allotted and he also has continued to implement and upgrade his equipment and service to us, always doing more with less.
We need an experienced person who knows how to manage our tax dollars and Mickey has been doing that for 20 years! So help elect Mickey Haddock! Go to the the polls and vote on August 28!

By Britton Pressnell Davis Watson,…..

Remember Mickey when you go to the polls to vote for Mayor of Florence.

And remember those in your district,….

District 1,… Yolanda Johnson Faulk

District 3,… Larry Holt

District 4,… Tom Wissert

District 5,… Coy Bramlett

District 6,… Jimmy Oliver

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