Friday, September 14, 2012

Gary and Vern On CBS,…..

I can’t wait for the game Saturday. I can wait on the two buffoons that will call the game for CBS. Gary Danielson and Vern Lundquist apparently are the stations top two announcers for CBS Sports.

How many times will we hear about how great Tim Tebow is? Or that Mark Ingram's father is in prison? By the way Gary and Vern,… they have gone pro and are no longer playing college ball. Which players name will they butcher and mispronounce? With that thought, I offer Alabama;s starting lineup,… according to Jerry Donaldson and Vince Sunkist.


QB- A.J. Macnugget

RB- K.Y. Jelldon

Wr- Kevin Kostner

Wr- Kenny Stabler

Slot- Christian Johnson

RT- J.D. Fluker

RG- Charlie Sheen

C- Barack Jones

LG- Chance Warlock

LT- Cyrus Koanjovich

NG- Jessie James

DT- Damien Seed

LB- Adrian Balboa

LB- Luther Stinson

LB- Nico Jones

LB- CJ Spiller

LB- Trey Dupree

DB- Dee Kirkpatric

DB- Deon Sanders

S- Ha Ha Bill Clinton

S- Vinnie Tsunami

PK- Jeremy Smelley

P- Cody Manuel

Long Snapper- Carson Stinker

Coach- Lou Saban

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