Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not So Fast Bama Fans,….

Anyone that knows me, knows that I bleed Crimson. Last nights game with Michigan was a great win for the Tide, no doubt. Michigan ranked #8 in the country coming into the game probably left ranked #8 in the Big 10 Conference. Bama’s defense shut them down and slammed them around. The game was basically over before halftime. But,… with a good throwing quarterback playing against Bama’s D, Bama’s offense better get ready to score some points. Michigan receivers beat the Bama secondary way too many times and with a good throwing QB, Bama could get burned a few times. Too many penalties against the Tide and a fumble. Too many mental errors for this Tide team last night. It is a good thing that Michigan was over rated. But, this is why they practice and work on the things they need to work on. Runningback TJ Yeldon looked good as did Jalston Fowler. Eddy Lacy still has a nagging ankle injury but was still in the game and started. AJ McCarron did what he was supposed to do and had a good night. The much heralded offensive line had a few breakdowns but played well as a unit. Overall the Tide played well and it does look like a good team. Now that they have a game under their belt, the coaches know more of what to work on. Roll Tide Roll!!


On a side note, the helmet rule is one of the stupidest rules ever made. Players are now trying to rip off helmets. I see more injuries happening because of the new rule in place than before.

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