Friday, October 12, 2012

Happy Birthday,….

It was a Tuesday,… I got the call saying that it was time to go to the hospital. We had gone through the Lamaze classes so I was all set to fall out in the floor when it actually came time to do it.

At the hospital, we were in this little room. It had monitors that looked like something out of Star Wars. They made sounds and flashed readings that I would soon learn to read. Apparently there was a lot of stress on the soon to be born baby girl. After two warnings by these space age monitors, the nurse came in and said if there is a third, the doctor would have to do a c-section. There was a third.

Back then the father to be had to wait in the waiting room. I understand the dad to be now can stay. Why I don’t know, but they can.

As I sat there, not really knowing what was happening or if the mother and daughter were okay, I’ll never forget this, Dr. Jameson, came out and called a mans name. The man said that’s me. Dr. Jameson said out in front of everyone, we lost your baby. And turned and left. No, I’m sorry, no getting the guy down the hall and telling him in private, he just told him in front of a full waiting room. I felt so bad for the guy and then turned my thoughts to my own dilemma. The what ifs were swirling through my head.

Later,… not sure how much later, I think it was Dr. Musgrove came out and asked for me and told me everything was fine. Mother and baby were doing good. This was just after 8:19pm when she was born. I went outside, stood in the rain, looked up to the sky and thanked God. That was 30 years ago. Happy Birthday Erin.


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