Thursday, October 18, 2012

SEC Picks,… Week 8,….


auburn at Vanderbilt,… I’m thinking speed in this game. auburn has better team speed on offense than Vandy has on defense…. but this one is still a coin flip. Should be a good game. auburn 17 Vandy 15

South Carolina at Florida,… Quite possibly the game to determine the SEC East winner. Carolina cannot afford another loss. Florida has surprised this year and should win this one,… Florida 17 Carolina 14

Georgia at Kentucky,… Kentucky has fallen apart and quit. Georgia needs to make a statement and will. Georgia 49 Kentucky 3

LSU at Texas A&M,… This could become a regular rival game in the SEC. But A&M will have to step it up. This could be a closer game than most think. And I think it will,… LSU 24 A&M 20

Middle Tennessee State at Mississippi State,… MTSU has a decent team this year. Mississippi St does too. The difference in this one is the MTSU secondary. Mississippi St can pass and will. Which will set up the running game. Close game? Naw,… MSU 35 MTSU 14

Alabama at Tennessee,… The 3rd Saturday in October. Nuff said. It is Bama/Tennessee week and this should be a good one. Bama’s defensive secondary will be tested as will the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Keys for Bama will be ball control and establish the run early on offense. On D, pressure Tyler Bray. Sacks, hurries and making him scramble will be key. Can Bama do it? I think so,… Bama 35 Tennessee 17

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