Friday, November 9, 2012

Karma’s Butt Kicked,….

Name Number : 159224 Birth Date : 03/17/64
Time/Date Offense Locatn Statute Court CC
—————– ————————- —— ————— —– –
21:30:00 11/04/12 Disorderly Conduct 13A-11-7 5311 DIST CM
21:30:00 11/04/12 INTIMIDATING A WITNESS 13A-10-123 1314 DIST 3F
The above photo is that of one of the rogue bloggers from the Karma blog. You know the ones. They want you to think they are all Christian like and fight the forces of evil. In their minds they are super heroes. Looks like karma bit them in the butt with this one. Disorderly conduct and intimidating a witness…. nice going. Karma is a bitch ain’t it? 
Updated: well it seems the karma group has thrown Deborah Robertson under the bus and have denied her being in that group. Saying she was only arrested for disorderly conduct. Were I got the info was from QuadCitiesDaily and they get their info from the Florence Police Dept. which also listed intimidating a witness. So if she isn't part of that group then apparently someone has contact with her to seemingly know that the second charge was bogus, which it wasn't.
Also updated is Larry Jaynes, from Jaynes Millwork. He seems to be stalking a certain author who frequents  First Fridays as a vendor. My advice to the author, get a restraining order on this guy.
This isn't the first time he has shown up were she was located. If anyone remembers Rram from the TimesDaily forums, this is the guy. And part of the karma group as well as Deborah Robertson.

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  1. I believe her name is spelled least she spells it that way. Deborah may be her legal name. She has quite a criminal history--look for more to come on our blog.