Sunday, December 30, 2012

Deer Season on TVA Property,…..


Well deer season is open, just not on Federal property. And even if it were on the side of any road in Colbert County, Greg Scoggins would be guilty of breaking the law. Ex-officer Scoggins broke a few laws to be exact. Reckless endangerment being the stiffist penalty he faces so far. Hunting with the aid of a motor vehicle usually gets your truck, car or ATV confiscated. But since he was on duty with the police department, I don’t think they’ll confiscate the patrol car. He had no hunting permit either. Was being fired too harsh a penalty? To some it appears they think so. Laura Hall commented on the story the TimesFaily ran saying, “Show me someone that is perfect and I will show you someone that lies. He should not have been fired from his job. He made a mistake, just like we all do.” Really? You would actually let the officer slide and keep his job? This amazes me to no end. He violated at least three laws while on duty. A guy that is sworn to uphold the laws, the very laws he broke, while in his patrol car. One offense that he hasn’t been charged with is discharging a fire arm in the city limits.

There have been some excuses offered up for his behavior. One that he is going through a lot right now in his personal life. Yeah? So? Aren’t we all? Does having personal problems at home or on the job dismiss him for shooting a deer on Federal property? Does it somehow make it okay for him to kill a deer while on duty? That is about the lamest excuse I’ve heard lately. I mean, what if everyone who was “going through a lot right now” took their hunting rifle and went out to shoot deer on TVA land,… would that excuse them for doing so? No.

He lost his job because of a very stupid lapse in judgment. But, this was apparently thought out and planned because why else would he have had a hunting rifle in his patrol vehicle? And you know the crazy thing about all of this? What if those problems at home or wherever they were, caused him to go postal while toting around his deer rifle?

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