Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Tribute,…….

Cancer knows no age limit. Cancer is like God,… no respecter of people. Cancer know no color of skin. Cancer is evil.
I, like you have known people who have succumbed to cancer. My mother being on of them. On the plus side though, I have also known people to beat cancer.
A couple of days ago, Donna’s daughter Nikki lost a close friend to cancer. While I had never met Tara, Nikki shared pictures of their escapades in Florida and watching the whales in Canada. the old saying pictures are worth a thousand words holds true here. These pictures show that Tara was full of life and grabbed it by the horns. She enjoyed living it to the fullest and loved her friends. To Drew and CJ, our thoughts are with you during this time and to Nikki,….. thinking of you and hurting with you. I just wish I could hurt for you.
Here are a few pictures that truly are worth a thousand words,…………..
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Tara Smith,….

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  1. A loss anytime is hard...it seems particularly cruel during the holidays. You are right...she looks so full of life.

    I'm so very sorry.