Saturday, February 2, 2013

Florence Lauderdale Animal Shelter,…..


Look at the expression on this Shepard's face,… I wonder what she is thinking. Maybe she is wishing for a walk or a pat on the head. Being at the shelter she may be hoping for a forever home. I have the shelter on my facebook “liked” list and am constantly seeing days where they exceed 30 drop offs a day. The shelter has a limited space as it is but to get those kind of numbers really cramps them for space. One solution is that the general public realize how important it is for them to spay/neuter their pets. But since some of those same people need to spay/neuter themselves, it is hard for responsible people to expect these pet owners to take care of their pets when they won’t take care of themselves. So the problems will continue. Educating the public is the key to a good community spay/neuter program. With education, shelter exposure is important. Currently the shelter is hidden at 702 E. College Street. You cannot see the building very well from Dr. Hicks Blvd. The shelter volunteers have an excellent solution. On their facebook page they are promoting a new building. A building adjacent to Deibert Park. This location would not only be more exposure for the shelter, the volunteers would have a great place to walk the dogs. This is from their facebook page but while it says in the park, the writer meant adjacent to it. Just for clarification.

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Ok, we need your help! AS you all know, we need a new shelter, terribly! We also want it to be in Deibert Park. Please help us. I was told that "The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Oil." If we have enough people call the Mayor and their city council members and bug the crap out of them, then they will listen. I am going to make this easy for you to do. I will include all the council member's numbers and the Mayor's. If you are a friend of the shelter and care for these precious babies, then please help us. This is the only way it will happen. Please call again and again and tell the council members and the Mayor that you want a new shelter and you want it in Deibert Park. WE NEED YOU ALL!
Mayor Haddock- 256-760-6400
Dave Smith- 256-760-6401- District 1
William Jordan- 256-760-6402- District 2
Hermon Graham- 256-760-6403- District 3
Barry Morris- 256760-6404- District 4
Blake Edwards- 256-760-6405- District 5
Andy Betterton- 256-760-6406- District 6
I was told that the group that called the most and had the most support would be the one that got the goodies, so please help us with these 2 wishes. If you have been to the shelter, you know we need it and we don't want to be hid anymore, it will be a beautiful place and we want to be seen. Please help us!!!!!!

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Take time to call these numbers. Call them often. Bug the crap out of them. Let them know Florence needs a new shelter and that it needs to be near the park. The Florence City Council won’t know about it unless people let them know. They aren’t mind readers so unless the public makes it known, they won’t know. Make this a bigger priority than the welcome center.