Saturday, May 4, 2013

Moonside Gardens Homestead,….


So you like to garden? Need some new ideas or are you limited in space? Follow Trish and Susan as they journey through the world of gardening, practical home ideas and cooking. There are some great gardening ideas and tips at Moonside Gardens Homestead <<<< (click there) a fairly new facebook page set up with just those ideas. Gardening coupled with recipes handed down through the generations along with some new ones mainly via the experimental route are also on their page. They have some good information for small gardens that will help you in your quest for that perfect tomato or flowering plant. 

They will be adding more info and pictures of their own as the growing season progresses. Grilling tips along with tips in the kitchen will accompany the different items and ideas from other sites they have listed and will list in the future. Be sure to click like on their page so you can get the latest from their page.

375925_564004646973593_1729215958_n Nice use of a pallet.

Would be great for herbs.


The first step to a raised garden.

Make sure the blocks are level. These have actually been glued together using a concrete adhesive.

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