Sunday, July 28, 2013

Johnny Football Train Wreck,…

If Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel continues down the path he is on,… there will be a train wreck and it won’t be pretty. One would think his coaches would get a grip on the young player. But it may not be that simple. Boosters and alumni run many programs leaving the coaches hands tied. Johnny Football fills seats and the boosters, alumni and others know this. This could be a reason for the no discipline of under age drinking and now possibly illegal drug use. Manziel was just kicked out of a Texas frat party,… can you imagine an auburn quarterback in Tuscaloosa? Or visa versa? What was he thinking? Someone needs to grab this kid and keep him from doing something else that looks bad not only for him, but his team as well.

This is Johnny Manziel reaching for a bong with a lighter in his hand,….

johnnymanziel-590x786And this is Johnny Football getting kicked out of a University of Texas frat party,……

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