Thursday, September 19, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Four,….

Well,… if you looked at my picks from last week, you understand why I don’t quit my day job and do this for a living. But it is fun to be right, most of the time. Some are easy to pick, some harder. The best ones are the going out on a limb pick and being right.


Vandy at Massachusetts,…. The Dores should improve to 2-2 this week on the road. This is but a tune up game for Vandy and it won’t be close,….. Vandy 31 UMass 0

North Texas at Georgia,…. Well it’s hard to have two bye weeks in a row. So what do you do? Schedule North Texas,…. Georgia 49 North Texas 7

Arkansas at Rutgers,…. Oh my!!,…….. The mighty SEC has fallen. Well not yet but the Hogs have. My going out on a limb pick this week,… Rutgers 24 Arkansas 20

Tennessee at Florida,…. If you like orange, this is your game. Just thank God that the checkerboard isn’t there. Florida wins big,… 28-7

Troy at Mississippi St,… This could be close. Troy has everything to gain and nothing to lose. State could lose a lot by a defeat. And still have nothing to gain. MSU in a close one,… 31-21

SMU at Texas A&M,… The Aggies will bounce back from last week,… Manziel won’t have to play back yard football in this one. TA&M 62 SMU 24

auburn at LSU,… LSU by three touchdown in this one. Seriously,… LSU 34 auburn 13

Missouri at Indiana,… Tough one to pick. Both teams are terrible,… Hoosiers in a squeaker,… 33-30

Colorado State at Alabama,… The return of Jim McElwain. A good guy and going to be a good coach. Saban won’t disrespect the friendship here. Tide 34 CSU 7

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