Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Tide Is Low,…

Unless the Tide rises this coming week,… there will be no back to back to back logo to be had. Alabama struggled against a Colorado State team in which they should have dominated. Bama didn’t get a 3rd down conversion until the 4th quarter. That isn’t domination. I’ve heard it all from Tide fans,… “Oh we were playing young players” “Oh Anthony Steen was out” “Oh we were playing with Colorado State”,……These were actual comments on facebook,..  The last comment,… really? We were playing WITH them? Some people are just morons. Yes we were playing new players on the D and Steen was out. But the line play on both sides of the ball was terrible. As was the over all play by the offense and defense. Alabama played without focus, without a mission last night. They were not business like at all. I personally think it has to do with some players and discipline. Play like they did last night against Ole Miss this week and it will be a loss for the Tide. Ole Miss is going to be a tough opponent this year and for a few years to come. They are recruiting well and are well coached. They haven’t worried me since the days of Eli Manning but this year with their play and Bama’s lack of discipline/caring/experience,… Bama’s number may be up. I’m afraid Bama has become,…. complacent.


  1. I choose to look at the final score: 31-6 is good enough. Alabama doesn't have to give some team a 77-0 thrashing.

  2. As Bama fans,... we have been spoiled and processed. Winning by 25 is great yes. But watching the offensive line collapse and the defensive line be almost none existent is hard to watch. Better play from both lines HAS to improve if Bama is going to three peat. This was the third game of the season. I have not seen an improvement. They are digressing instead of improving.