Friday, October 11, 2013

SEC Picks,…. Week Seven,…

Week seven and there have been a few surprises in the SEC this season. The top players from a few schools haven’t performed as expected thus far. Amari Cooper for Bama and Jadeveon Clowney for South Carolina are a couple I can think of right off the top of my head. Injuries, the nagging kind, are being blamed for both players. With Clowney, I think it is part attitude too. I could be wrong,… just my thoughts.

Florida at LSU,.... I doubt the Gators can pull this upset. But anything is possible. Thats why they play the games. LSU 31 Florida 21
Missouri at Georgia,… The Tigers from the west that are actually in the SEC East are 5-0 on the year. Hmmm. Georgia is 4-1 and dealing with injuries,… hmmm. An upset in the making? Nope. Missouri still doesn’t belong in the SEC. Georgia should win this one by two td’s. But Missouri is clicking on offense,… Georgia 35 Missori 21
South Carolina at Arkansas,… I mentioned Clowney above,… it has been suggested that his “injuries” are NFL draft related. I read that on the internet so you know it has to be true,… Anyway,…This could be a closer game than expected. I kind of doubt it. The Hogs are just not ready to compete in the SEC this year. USCeast isn’t either now. South Carolina 32 Arkansas 14
Western Carolina at auburn,… Some auburn fans complain about Bama’s easy schedule. Well, they won’t let Bama’s first team play it’s second team in a real game. This win gets those tiggers on the plains closer to being bowl eligible. auburn 55 Western Carolina 14
Bowling Green at Mississippi State,… Poor State,… they can’t win for losing it seems. They better not fall asleep this week or Bowling Green could beat them. Making that coaches seat a little more hotter for Dan Mullen. State should win this one though,… maybe home field advantage will mean something. Mississippi State 35 Bowling Green 27
Texas A&M at Ole Miss,…. Ole Miss <------- (mudhole) Texas A&M (stomper) Sorry Rebels fans,… I hate it as much as you do. But A&M will stomp a mudhole in you this week. TA&M 61 Ole Miss 24
Alabama at Kentucky,…. I think Mark Stoops will do well at Kentucky. While their win/loss record doesn’t show it, they have played well for the most part. The ‘Cats just need to get out of the rebuilding stage every year. Well that said,... quit thinking roundball all the time and devote some time to football. this should be an easy enough win for the Tide which has some players missing this game due to either suspension or injuries. The reserves have played okay. Especially at center. Bama wins this one 42-10

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