Friday, November 22, 2013

SEC Picks,… Week 13,…


Georgia Southern at Florida,…. Florida gears up for next week against the Seminoles. They might need to sit the starters for the whole game this week. They cannot afford any injuries. Florida 28 Georgia Southern 14


Kentucky at Georgia,… Well Mark Richt just needs to be fired. In this article Richt Did Not Instruct Players To Knock Down Ball Richt admits he nor the defensive coordinator told the players that it was 4th down, just knock the ball down. How do you not remind your players to knock it down,… and not go for the interception. How long have you been coaching Richt? Off with your head,……. Kentucky could keep this game close but in the end Georgia finds a way to win,… Georgia 35 Kentucky 24


Missouri at Ole Miss,… In last weeks South Carolina game they showed the win by auburn on the tron. auburn fans thought it was because it was a great play. Wrong. It was because Georgia lost and that helped South Carolinas chances to make the SEC Championship Game if the Gamecocks take care of business. Ole Miss just might help the Gamecocks out this week. I’m going with Ole Miss in an upset,… Ole Miss 32 Missouri 28


Coastal Carolina at South Carolina,… The Gamecocks get a breather this week,.. Coastal can score some points but the defense is kind of lousy. South Carolina 45 Coastal Carolina 24


Vandy at Tennessee,…. This series is in coin flip phase. Vandy won the flip but can they win the game,… Vandy 24 Tennessee 21


Mississippi State at Arkansas,… This should be a good game until the half. Then State will take control. Mississippi St 30 Arkansas 14


Texas A&M at LSU,…. Another coin flip game. This time the Bengal Tigers win the flip. A&M’s defense is terrible and LSU’s secondary isn’t much better. This game could be one of those high scoring games,… LSU 49 TA&M 44


Tennessee-Chattanooga at  Alabama,… I just hope Bama doesn’t sing Rammer Jammer after the game.Show some class guys. This will also be the last home game for a great group of seniors. Thank you for choosing Bama and thank you for being great student/athletes. Bama 49 Chattanooga 7


  1. After playing such as outclassed opponent, it seems rubbing salt into the wounds to sing Rammer Jammer.

  2. I'm glad Alabama stopped at 49-0. There's no point to crushing your opponent. I wish FSU showed the same class.

  3. Totally agree. I am not a fan of Rammer Jammer but in some cases,... eh, it could be okay. And FSU scoring 80,... I didn't watch the game but went and looked at stats. Winston had 4 TD passes? At some point the defense has to stop the scoring. So I don't know how many starters stayed in the game for FSU. I too am glad Bama called off the dogs early. Some teams think in terms of style points. So does Bama,... class = style.