Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweetwater Mansion,… What Happened?,….

The efforts to save the old Sweetwater Mansion as some call it seem to be at a standstill. I knew the place as the old Weeden house,… but since it had slave quarters back in its heyday, I guess mansion could accompany any name that went with the house. And mansion is probably a better term for a house that you would want to deem,… haunted.



Since I blogged about a sex offender at a children’s art class on the Weeden property and blogged about the group trying to raise funds from the public having a booth at First Friday,… the owner and the group have ceased trying to collect funds. Maybe they figured the house was just too far gone or maybe they figured out they could no longer defraud the public,… the latter of which is exactly what the owner and ones affiliated with running the operation  tried to do. Their facebook page, Sweetwater/facebook has even stopped updating and,…. the owner of the page has removed all of their hateful comments. That in itself should tell the public something. Bottom line is,… and it is sad. A historical house in Florence continues to die of disease, cancer, mold, varmints and no love. 

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