Saturday, January 18, 2014



Dick Jordan,…. Florence city council member. Former fill in mayor. Insurance salesman. Does not know how to respond to email. Gets his wife Libby a job,… first at the tourism board and then the Frank Lloyd Wright museum as curator.  Look for her to move on in the future,… possibly to the library.

It seems Ole Dick has lied about insurance to the tourism board. Either that or the Florence Tourism director is lying. Somebody ain’t telling the truth and you know that story won’t be in the TimesFaily. Insurance Issue Handled Unprofessionally This link is from the TimesFaily where Dick actually said the tourism board handled the situation unprofessional. Dick,… you are providing a service here. It is up to you to provide your customer with the information needed. It is your responsibility to make sure your customer, your client knows what they are getting. It is YOU DICK that acted unprofessional in this matter. And why is this not an ethics violation? With the jobs your wife seems to obtain and you providing the city with insurance,.. again,… is this not an ethics violation? If not could someone enlighten me on this?

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