Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Does Cold Weather Make For Less Insects In The Summer?,…

Have you ever heard that the colder the winter is the less bugs we’ll have in the summer? Most of us have I would guess. But is this true? For the most part, no. But the cold can have an effect on insects.
Bugs, insects and other various names we have for them are not like us. They are cold blooded. Meaning the cold doesn’t effect them like it does us. Us being humans. The past few days was cold for me. But for most of the insects around my area, they just buried up deeper to over winter.
We have had fairly mild winters the past 2 to 3 years. And we have not really had anymore bugs flying, crawling or creeping around any more than normal.
But, it can have an effect on the population if say it warms up for a few days, making the creepy crawlies come out and it refreezes, killing the ones that didn’t go back for their winter nap. Again though,… for the most part a harsh winter won’t effect the bug population. Just ask the Canadians,… they still have bugs and skeeters too.

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