Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preventing Frozen Pipes,….


It is about to get super cold in our neck of the woods. Frigid air will be moving into our area. 4 degrees for a low,… I don’t remember the last time we saw single digits. 11 is the lowest I can remember in the Shoals area in the past 15-20 years? But anyway, with the past 3-4 winters being on the mild side, are we prepared? Will your water freeze? Lets hope not and here are a few tips to help you protecting those water lines. And be sure and protect those pets. It is too cold for them outside.


Turn on the taps

Let the water drip in extreme cold. Even if the water does freeze, this will relieve some of the water pressure and keep the pipe from bursting. Most of the time though, running water won’t freeze.

Open cabinets

Leave the cabinets open under your kitchen and bathroom sinks. This keeps warm air circulating around your pipes. Especially if your pipes are located on an outside wall.

Wrap the pipes

If your pipes are in areas that don't get warm air, consider insulating them with insulation sleeves or wrapping. You can get foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves at your local hardware store, or call a plumber to do it for you. Heat tape is also a good idea.

Seal the gaps

Cracks in your home’s outside walls or foundation should be caulked to keep cold air away from your pipes. Foam and regular latex caulking work great.

Drain your pipes

If you're taking a trip in the winter, consider draining your pipes to prevent them from bursting. Shut off the main valve and then turn on all the taps (hot and cold) and let the water run until the pipes are emptied.

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