Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Most Powerful Video,…

We see a lot of things online. From recipes, to family pictures, to weather photos and just about everything in between. By online I’m speaking mostly about facebook. The above video speaks volumes. From how the youth of today are more concerned about their IPhones,… Androids and other electronic devices, to finally putting them down for a second and paying attention to the movie. Few things speak to me anymore. Few things pull at my heart strings. But this video did. Maybe because I have had so many from my family serve our country. Some in lesser roles, some in combat. How they served doesn’t matter. They all sacrificed part of their life to serve us so that we can watch the Super Bowl or patiently wait for that rodent to see his shadow. My hat is off to all of them and I salute you all. Thank you for giving up part of your life away from your families. 

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