Sunday, April 6, 2014

What Will You Wear For Easter?


First,… I want to say I am as guilty as anyone. So I’m not casting stones. Just trying to understand the error of my ways.

What will you wear to church for Easter Sunday? For me, this Sunday has become nothing more that a fashion show. Will you buy a new dress? A new purse? A new suit and tie? Shoes? See what I mean? But wait you say,… it is because it is Spring and we need new clothes for the season. Really? That is just an excuse rolled up in toilet paper as a preacher I once knew used to say.

Easter Sunday should be about children,… hiding eggs,… chocolate bunnies and baskets filled with fake grass. Nothing more. A Christian shouldn’t become involved in the fashion show at a church service. That is what Easter has become for so many. A fashion show. And yet,… what have you bought to wear for Easter Sunday? Will you look down on people that don’t wear new threads on that day? Will you speak to people that continue to wear older clothes and not the newest Spring fashions? If so,… you are going to church for the wrong reasons. I know, I’ve been there, done that, have the tee shirt.


  1. I am not meaning to argue, but to me, Easter should be about Christ. A celebration of the resurrection of the Son of God and His victory over death. You are so right, it's not a fashion show! I haven't bought anything new for Easter in so many years, I can't remember...and have not even given it any thought for this Easter, either.

    Having said the above, I certainly do not think that no one should buy candy or dye and hide eggs...but I most assuredly feel that we should teach our children what the true meaning of Easter is...along with Christmas...the two most important events since God created the Heavens and the Earth.

    Good post, OB. :)

  2. BR,... I understand what the religious world thinks Easter is. but no where in the Bible does it mention we are supposed to honor his death, burial and resurrection,.. or birth for that matter. With the exception of the Lord's Supper as we know it. No Easter or Christmas. But that wasn't my point, my point was the fashion show in which Easter Sunday has become. and kudos to you for not succumbing to the pressure of most.