Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hillshire Shutdown Party?!?!?

Faces,…. a club on Hatch Blvd between Jameson Inn and Outback in Sheffield is having a,…. get this,…


Yep,… that’s right. A party at Faces for a plant closing down. Party of the year they say? This is sad on so many levels. Here is one of Hillshires own employees thoughts on this party to celebrate their closing. I think it is spot on.


LeShawn Hartnett
shared a link via FACES Bar & Lounge.

2 hours ago

Have these sorry SONS OF BITCHES lost their minds? How can you possibly "celebrate" the devastating lost of an economical powerhouse in our area. Funny thing is this place will be packed....
20-30 something's trying to impress with their clothes, cars, and drink buying power. These are the same ASS WIPES that will be sitting at home collecting severance and unemployment until it runs dry. Have they forgotten that EVERYTHING hundreds of ppl have worked hard for years will be GONE.
No Insurance....wait they can get Medicaid
No Utility Money....wait they can get community action
No Groceries....wait they can get food stamps
Why has being self sufficient become so nonexistent?
If you work @ Hillshire and you ARE offend by my rant, so be it. But I bet you'll still be there getting your "celebration" on.


LaShawn,… I used your real name because I applaud you and wish you well,………. Priorities,…. Faces needs to shut down,… then maybe they can have a real party.

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