Saturday, June 28, 2014

H.A.S.R.A. Needs Your Help!!!

Heart of Alabama. Save. Rescue. Adopt. or HASRA for short needs your help in trying to win $1000worth of needed supplies from BarkBox. The voting ends Wednesday, July 2nd at 11 am EST. Vote each day with all of your email addresses. Go to vote here>>>>>> Vote HASRA

Also HASRA has a firework stand set up on Florence BLVD near the Walmart Neighborhood market. By the bowling alley. They will have HASRA tee shirts available as well and you can also drop off donations there as well. How convenient is that?!?!?!  Proceeds from the firework sales goes to support and maintain everything at HASRA. They survive only on donations. Support them and their good work to help Save. Rescue. Adopt. This is their mission and the reason for what they do.

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