Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bye Bye Crystal Football,… Hello Waffle Cone,….

nc trophy
nc trophy 2
Well college football is changing. Not sure if change is always for the better. At the end of the season a committee will pick the top four teams to be in a playoff. I personally like the 4 team playoff but dislike the human aspect of a committee. The old BSC formula got it right most of the time and could/should be used to pick the four teams for the playoff instead of a committee. Just my thoughts. Here are some thoughts on the new trophy shown above. I just don’t see it getting passed around and kissed like the crystal football was.
It looks like a waffle cone and should have a scoop of ice cream on top...
Hmmm, the NC Tulip?
New Trophy looks like something thrown together over night.

Looks like scrap from a welding shop..
I don't like it... but I want it.
Not sure what I think about it but it looks it looks like they went the route of the NFL. Smaller, sleeker trophy with not a lot of bells and whistles.
Looks like a pen dipped in an inkwell.
It will look much better in the Alabama trophy case, especially in a few years when there's a whole row of them lined up.
Not a fan. I like some sparkle.

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