Monday, August 11, 2014

I Cannot Mourn Robin Williams,….

Today, Robin Williams died by asphyxiation. Suicide. By his own hands,… he took the cowards way out. It has been said he fought alcoholism and depression. I’m sure he did. But suicide like I said, is the cowards way out. You are in effect, murdering yourself. And there is no forgiveness for it.  This is only between him and his god now.
I don’t do well with suicide. I’ve known a few that have committed the act. Three people  actually. One was a coworker that had exwife issues. He couldn’t deal with the fact she was seeing someone else. So he kills his self. What a waste. Another overdosed on prescription pills that they didn’t have a prescription for. Not sure of the reason but it was another cowards way out.
The third one,… was a friend of mine. He had a daughter that died at an early age. He mourned her until it eventually got to him. He took his own life and left two other children without a father. So so sad,……. I was so angry I could not go pay my respects at the funeral home. Because I had lost respect for the man. This happened several years ago and it still weighs heavy on my heart.
So no,.. Robin Williams died by his own hand,… I cannot mourn.

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  1. I like to think that God knows that depression is an illness and if the person wasn't sick they wouldn't have done it. Not just God the family and friends that it hurts so bad.