Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is Tony Stewarts Career Over?,…………

Tony is a racer, period. He races everything from go carts to race cars in the Sprint Cup. The guy loves to race. As we all know a tragic accident took place at a sprint car track in New York on August the 9th. A young racer, Kevin Ward Jr was killed as Tony’s car hit him. The investigation is still open but so far nothing has become of it in the way of charges brought up against Tony. And no charges should come out of it. The young man made a terrible mistake on a dimly lit track. He got out of his car to point his finger at a NASCAR driver that he believed had just wrecked him. Kevin was wearing a dark fire suit, black helmet and remember, these tracks are not lit up like NASCAR tracks are. That’s why I said dimly lit track earlier. The video showed Tony hitting the gas as he was in the corner where Kevin was walking down the track. Folks,… that is how you help steer these cars. It is how you make them turn,….  Tony is innocent in my mind anyway of any wrong doing. There was no intent involved.
Now,… As sad as it is for the family that lost Kevin, my heart goes out to them. But,…. a man’s career could very well hang in the balance. And I’m not talking about charges that could be forth coming. I’m talking about a man who was driving a car and ran over another human being. Tony killed a young man on a race track, yes. How does one deal with that fact? How do you cope with knowing you just ran over a kid. And the media hasn’t been favorable at times. Mostly from ignorance. But the media has been harsh.
Tony has sat out of races in the Sprint Cup series since the accident. When does he return? Does he return? I hope he does and can get over that hump in his mind. The sad things about his return is there will be some ignorant fans boo him at drivers introductions,……….

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