Friday, August 29, 2014

What I learned From Thursday Nights Football Games,….

Well,… I usually do my picking the winners of each SEC game but this week is a bit weird and to be honest it snuck up on me being it started on Thursday night. But I’ll start it next week and try to pick the correct winners.
So glad that college football is back. I was tagged in a facebook post this past week showing a tee shirt that read, “Hush Y’all,.. Bama’s on tv” And no truer words were ever spoken. One does not plan weddings on football Saturdays. You do not plan funerals either. You don’t phone during the ball game except to holler “Roll Tide” or if you’re one of my auburn friends, a quick “war eagle” is acceptable. You do not have parties on Saturdays during the games of any kind. That is why they make Fridays and Sundays. The only time it is acceptable on a Saturday is if it is before a night game, after a day game or on an open date.
Watching last nights games,…. was something of a surprise to me. Texas A&M has a much improved defense or South Carolina has no offense. Take your pick. South Carolina has no defense either. It could be a long year for them. A&M didn’t miss a beat with Johnny Arrogance gone. Their defense was awful last year but looks to be improved greatly.
Ole Miss was a disappointment. Bo Wallace is simply not a good quarterback. The defense for the Rebs is a bit suspect as well. Maybe they will play better when at home,… because for 3 quarters they looked terrible. I know,… it’s the first game of the season,… but that didn’t stop A&M from being impressive.
Vandy,… what can I say? It looks like Vandy has returned to its old self again.  Vandy will miss James Franklin,…

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