Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reviewing The Bama Game,…


The easy thing to say about yesterdays game is what a difference a week makes.

That is true to a certain extent. But it is obvious that the Tide practiced hard on the little things last week. Ball security being one. Another was paying attention to what you are doing. Bama had zero penalties or turn overs. Why? Because the coaches finally did their jobs. The whole attitude of the team was different. It has been a while since I saw them that fired up after making good plays. It was well documented last week and even the sideline reporter referred to Coach Saban talking to Jay Seawell the golf coach during the week. Coach Seawell told Coach Saban about Secretariat, the Triple Crown winning horse and told Saban to “let the horse run” . Many fans took that as literal, meaning run the ball. Those fans missed the meaning entirely. What it meant was, let the players, play. Let them go,… let them show emotion. Relax and play your game. Bama has been wound too tight as a team and playing a more relaxed game showed what this team can do. Albeit, Texas A&M didn’t really show up to play, Bama played their most complete game since the LSU game last year. They won the game in the trenches. Special team play was much better. Defense was as good as I’ve seen. But they obviously didn’t play the same team from the start of the season.

What also was very obvious was Blake Sims. After last week, several “fans” for lack of a better word said Sims was the problem. Sorry, he wasn’t the problem. Yesterdays quarterback play told that story.

The Tide plays well at home. Now they have to take their game on the road and play just as well.

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