Sunday, October 5, 2014

Why Ole Miss Beat Bama,….


First,….. Congrats to all of my Ole Miss friends. Your guys showed up to play and have you looking for an SEC West title if not more.

Second,… Alabama beat Alabama yesterday. Not to take away anything from what Ole Miss did but Bama helped Ole Miss win the game. Dropped passes, especially the one by OJ Howard killed any hope of a victory. Penalties at the absolute worst times stopped drives and momentum. Injuries to key players,… Drake, Kelly and Devall were crucial. Drake, likely out for the year if he ever recovers at all, hurt the offensive play calling. Kelly, the leader on the line may miss this next week with a knee sprain and Devall, one of our best pass rushers has an ankle sprain and may miss next week as well. I’m not making excuses, just stated facts that when you lose 3 vital members of a team, it takes its toll. Not only on the players injured but the players still in the game. It has an effect on them mentally.

Third,…. penalties. Bama absolutely shot themselves in the foot with these. Lack of focus/discipline can be corrected and it is up to the coaches to do so. One penalty wiped out a Blake Sims scramble for a first down. Bama has to improve in this area.

Fourth,… Playmakers have to make the plays. On the last drive OJ Howard was up against a smaller defender and did not catch a catchable ball. That sealed the game for Ole Miss and Howard should have had to walk home after the game.

Blake Sims wasn’t the reason Bama lost. I have seen a few comments here and there blaming Sims and stating Coker needs to start at QB. Yes, Bama has those idiot fans too. But Blake did a nice job on his reads and putting the ball where the receiver could have a chance to catch it. They just didn’t catch it when it was crunch time.

All of these things are fixable. It is time for the coaches to earn their money. Roll Tide Roll.

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