Saturday, November 22, 2014

SEC Picks,…. Week 13,…..


Well I’m late this week with the picks. Old age, being sick all week and off work Monday will do that to you.

This weeks games are for the most part, tune up games before their rivalry game at the end of the year. No team can afford to overlook these games. There are however a couple of games with championship hope on the line.


Ole Miss @ Arkansas,…. This one could be for the SEC West for the Rebels IF auburn beats Alabama and Ole Miss can win this one and beat MSU next week. That would put the Rebs in the SEC Championship. Arky is on the rise and would like nothing better than to play spoiler. Can Ole Miss rise to the challenge? So far they haven’t been able to since beating Alabama. Good Bo shows up this week to help them out. Ole Miss 17 Arky 10


Missouri @ Tennessee,…. I said there were a couple of games with championship homes on the line,  Not sure if Missouri can win the East still but if so, they need this one. It is 5:30 in the morning and I don’t have time to research it,… my apologies. But, Missouri has to beat the Vols, at Neyland, with a resurging Vol offense. If the Tigers win this one it’ll be by the skin of their teeth. Tennessee in a mild upset,… 30-27

The rest of the games are mostly warmup games for next week. The winners are,… aubrun, Miss State, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

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