Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Sugar Bowl,… The Semis,….. Ohio St vs Alabama Part 1



Well college football has its version of the playoffs. Look for some changes maybe as early as next year to the format and if not then,… it is coming.

This round of the semi finals has #4 Ohio St vs #1 Alabama to see who plays against the Oregon/Florida St winner for all of the marbles. Win you’re in,… lose you get to watch the game on tv.

As most of you know this game pits Urban Meyer vs Nick Saban,… again. It seems that Urban can run,… but he can’t hide. He left Florida only after losing his prized quarterback to the NFL. Stating that he needed to step away from the game and be with his family. An honorable decision. But a lie. He later said he was depressed and was obsessed with winning,… in essence he just couldn’t keep up with the SEC and the competition. So now he is happy coaching in the Big 10.

One cannot take away from his coaching abilities but one can wonder about his mental status.

What he did at Florida was great and the job he is doing at Ohio St is as well. Right now the Buckeyes are the elite team in that conference. Hopefully for the Buckeyes. Meyer won’t fall in love with his quarterback to the point when that player graduates, he’ll quit coaching again.

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