Friday, December 19, 2014

Walmart Coming Soon To Zip City,…..



Walmart is set to announce yet another super center to be placed near Florence in efforts to continue to try to put a stranglehold on local business.

Sounds scary if you are a local business owner doesn’t it? What if you did own a local business and the above statement were true? Personally I would fear for my business’ health and ability to compete with the mega giant and of course would be concerned for my employees as they could lose their jobs too.

I would also talk with my employees and communicate the importance of being helpful and friendly to everyone who comes into my business. That along with being honest with your customers can and will go a long way in building good customer relationships. Local business owners? Take time to learn your regular customers names. People like to think they are important to you. And they are, so make them feel that way. Go the extra mile and your customers will appreciate it.

While local business owners can struggle to compete with the big box stores as far as price, local mom and pop stores offer many things those big stores cannot offer. Saving time is almost as important to me as saving money. When I don’t have to drive around for what seems forever looking for a parking place,… I’m saving time. When I don’t have to stand around looking at empty registers and a couple of lanes open with 20 people in each line, I’m saving time. That makes me happy. I feel as if I have won some kind of battle in doing so. Parking and standing in line can be and usually is less time consuming in the mom and pop stores. Unless you get to talking to the hired help or the owner,… in which case they are being friendly and possibly trying to learn more about you for your next visit,… because they care and appreciate your business.

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