Sunday, January 18, 2015

Build It And They Will Come,……


Graffiti,…. We see it almost every day. On buildings downtown, overpasses, bridges. It is art, but it is also illegal. Florence has even stepped up security with cameras downtown to monitor certain areas. It costs a lot to remove the graffiti from the tagged walls. While my suggestion probably won’t stop the vandalism part of tagging, it would, I think, create a place for the taggers to use their talents for good. They are artists.


Build a wall,… maybe one that is 8 ft tall by 20 ft long. Nothing fancy. It could be concrete block, primed and painted. Then let the legal tagging begin. Taggers could display their art at will. It would be an ever changing piece of art and when it becomes to “jumbled” Repaint and start all over. I’m sure the city could find 20 feet of real estate in between the curb and sidewalk, say Wilson Park. Florence could use this as just another drawing tool for the downtown area. And hey,… this could at least slow down the illegal tagging around town and the area. Like I said earlier, it is art and this would be ever changing. And it would look far better than the aluminum statues people are calling art. Those things are scary.