Sunday, January 4, 2015

Congrats To Brooks Robotics Team,….

First, congrats to the team from Brooks High for placing third in the competition out of 55 schools from the Southeast. The competition was held December 5th-7th at Auburn University. That is fantastic. They got there with a lot of support from their families and community. The students, lead by Alaina Pettus are shown above. They have also built a display at the Children’s Museum in Florence.
This is very encouraging to me because these students are our future. It is so good to see them displaying their talents in ways that weren’t offered way back when I was in school. And kudos to Mrs. Pettus for her dedication to these students. Without sponsors, these type of extracurricular activities probably wouldn’t exist.
Here are a few photos from their addition to the Children’s Museum. So for anyone that visits there, you’ll know where this exhibit came from. Again, congratulations to these students and Mrs. Pettus.

You can click on any picture to enlarge them for better viewing.

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