Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Menopause vs Premarin,….

There are many things that make me and most anyone stand up and take notice. Domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse. We have seen all three in out local area as of late but this morning I saw this posted on facebook and it really got to me. Premarin is a drug used for menopause. Some might even suggest I take this at times,… but this is no laughing matter.
The drug uses horse urine in its making. This article, Click here shows just how bad the treatment of these horses are.  They are kept in a stall with minimal water because the more water they drink the more the urine is diluted. The pregnant mare has her foal taken from her and is almost immediately impregnated again. Only to repeat the process. When the mare is all used up, she is sent to the slaughter house. There are alternatives to Premarin,… the link above has them listed. Personally, after seeing how the horses are abused, I could not take this medication. Not with a clear conscience. Read the article and spread the word.

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