Sunday, February 15, 2015

Reasons To NOT Shop Walmart,….


Other than supporting China,… there are many more reasons to not shop at the worlds most powerful store.

When I say powerful,… they actually rule lives. Not only the employees but the shoppers as well.

Recent events,… holidays brought about these thoughts. Thoughts that can only be applied to Walmart.

Don’t shop there when snow is in the forecast. Even if it isn’t forecasted for your immediate area, if you are in the South and snow is in the forecast within 100 miles of you, you will run out of milk, bread and Twinkies.

Going to Walmart on a holiday such as Valentines Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day or Presidents Day could turn into a shopping fiasco. Actually any day could but shopping on an actual holiday triples your chances of getting run over by a shopping buggy.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd combining the two,… snow predictions and holidays is asking, begging, wanting, trouble. Lines at the check outs, fighting for a parking place, people running over people,… All the more reason to shop local.

Always shop local when you can. Support local business. They support you.

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