Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Take On The Bama A-Day Game,….


Well,… I’m not going to be too critical this year. Last year after the A-Day game I thought Bama was doomed. This year is a bit different, by just a tick. Blake Sims wowed me last fall after going to a QB specialist during the summer. Jacob Coker should follow that same path. Coker, at least in my opinion, is the leader at this point. He showed good poise, the team around him seem to follow him and he has a good release and can move out of the pocket if needed. There might be a transfer or two with the remaining 4 but Cornwell and Barnett won’t be in that mix,… I don’t think. Barnett will be special when his time comes I do believe.

The running backs looked okay. Kenyan Drake being in a non contact jersey was funny at times with his frustration of being in said jersey. He feels he is ready for full contact it looked like. Glad he wasn’t allowed to wear a white jersey. Keep those guys safe.

Wide receiver is another area of concern but no one will replace Amari Cooper. You just can’t. But the receivers coming back,… Stewart, Black and Foster will be weapons for sure. This will allow the QB to spread the ball around and not concentrate on anyone player. At least early in the season.

If Bama wins games this season, and they will of course, the defense will lead the way. This could be one of the better defensive lines Bama has had. The linebackers will still be good and I think the safeties and defensive backs will be improved. The DB’s would have to be improved from last year because at times they couldn’t have played much worse.

This should be an interesting season for sure. And as always,… Roll Tide Roll!!!

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