Friday, July 17, 2015

Boobs, Lipstick Does Not Make One Courageous,…



This is Bruce Jenner,… glorified tranny. He won an EPSY award for courage. Money bought this courage.  The Arthur Ashe Courage Award. I can almost guarantee you Mr Ashe is turning over in his grave. Mr Ashe showed courage while fighting HIV via heart bypass surgery. This man, Devon Still has shown courage. He is helping his daughter fight cancer,… She is 5. Together they have shown more courage than the tranny shown above could ever muster.

His words to his daughter who could not attend,…

"I know you wish you could be here, but I know you're watching," he said. "I just want to thank you. From the moment you [were] born, you molded me into the man I am today. I always used to dream about how I was going to be able to show you so much about life, but in the five years I've been with you, you've taught me more about life than I could ever do."

This,………. This is courage. This is a man, a father and his daughter,… going through something I cannot imagine. This is my EPSY Arthur Ashe winner,… not some self proclaimed woman.

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